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1155 04/20/2009 09:45 PM Martin Herrmann

Added missing inttypes header

1154 04/19/2009 08:16 PM Martin Herrmann
1153 04/19/2009 06:58 PM Martin Herrmann
1152 04/19/2009 06:51 PM Martin Herrmann

Added self test and communications test

1151 04/18/2009 02:14 PM Martin Herrmann
1150 04/17/2009 05:50 PM Martin Herrmann

Added OS detection to Makefile
Added robot and station directories

1149 04/17/2009 05:26 PM Justin Scheiner

Added some papers guiding the current approach, and commented some.

1148 04/17/2009 05:21 PM Justin Scheiner

Modified sensor_map to use 'model_sensor' to plug in a sensor model to map with. Model sensor is meant to be an array of sensor models, one for
distances from 10cm to 70cm.

1147 04/17/2009 05:20 PM Martin Herrmann
1146 04/16/2009 06:42 PM Martin Herrmann

make dist

1145 04/16/2009 06:35 PM Martin Herrmann

Generated documentation for new orbs code

1144 04/16/2009 06:34 PM Martin Herrmann

Fixed Makefile docs
Fixed documentation

1143 04/16/2009 05:55 PM Martin Herrmann

Added usb_puth* to serial.c/serial.h

1142 04/16/2009 05:54 PM Martin Herrmann

Merged new orbs code
Added atomic.h
Fixed whitespace in eeprom.h

1141 04/16/2009 05:52 PM Martin Herrmann
1137 04/14/2009 05:36 PM John Sexton

Added functions to allow for user-viewable data dump versus a computer-usable data dump. Code will sample specified ports and print values. Was used
to determine which ports are being used for the inverse BOM.

1136 04/14/2009 12:53 PM John Sexton

Includes code to sample all analog inputs. Used to determine which ports the inverse BOM are connected to.

1135 04/14/2009 12:46 AM Justin Scheiner

Committing some test files, as well as an updated version of the sensor mapping code.

1134 04/14/2009 12:29 AM Justin Scheiner

Added a heavily modified version of map.m called sensor_map, which first constructs a sensor model, then maps data according to the sensor model.
NEEDS to be converted to log-odds to speed up computation. There is still a transformation that needs to take place per datapoint per sensor, but ...

1133 04/13/2009 11:38 PM John Sexton

Small update to code which reads analog ports.

1127 04/09/2009 07:00 PM Abraham Levkoy

Put smart run around FSM in autonomous mapping program
Robot goes into BACKWARDS mode a few seconds after starting up and apparently cannot be diverted

1125 04/09/2009 06:20 PM Abraham Levkoy

made packet group and packet type for odometry packets separate #defines

1124 04/09/2009 06:10 PM Abraham Levkoy

got rid of old stuff for driving from the computer

1123 04/08/2009 11:27 PM John Sexton

Updated README files to better reflect folder contents.

1122 04/08/2009 10:44 PM John Sexton

Continued to reorganize file structure. Added README files to upper level file structure.

1121 04/08/2009 10:11 PM John Sexton

Reorganizing file structure.

1120 04/08/2009 10:01 PM Emily Hart

Server code.

1118 04/08/2009 09:56 PM Emily Hart

Evan's UI code.

1117 04/08/2009 09:42 PM John Sexton

Added code to station code version 1 to read from analog wheel port

1110 04/07/2009 10:43 PM John Sexton

Changed template code which displays orbs.

1103 04/06/2009 06:59 PM Martin Herrmann

Reverted changes accidentally committed

1099 04/03/2009 07:23 PM Martin Herrmann
1098 04/03/2009 07:22 PM Martin Herrmann

OS autodetection

1097 04/03/2009 07:22 PM Martin Herrmann

Makefile OS autodetection

1093 04/01/2009 07:10 PM Justin Scheiner

Cleaned up the code, someone help figure out the memory error!

1080 03/21/2009 03:57 PM Martin Herrmann

Bugfix: BOM_S2 and BOM_S3 were switched, resulting in wrong addressing of the BOM detectors (0 1 2 3 8 9 10 11 4 5 6 7 12 13 14 15).

1079 03/21/2009 03:56 PM Martin Herrmann

Bugfix: BOM_S2 and BOM_S3 were switched, resulting in wrong addressing of the BOM detectors (0 1 2 3 8 9 10 11 4 5 6 7 12 13 14 15).

1070 03/17/2009 02:28 AM Justin Scheiner

First attempt at a probability density mapper. Unifinished.

1067 03/04/2009 07:27 PM Nico Paris

Made some additions to rayHits.c

Not really useful, just for me

1066 03/03/2009 09:23 PM Abraham Levkoy

Changed the robot dir to drive and added a dir to work on autonomous mapping

1062 02/27/2009 05:18 PM Justin Scheiner

Small modifications to receive.c, corrected an error
in the ring buffer. Some commenting and cleaning.

1061 02/25/2009 09:04 PM John Sexton

Succesfully tested BOM LED current.

1060 02/25/2009 07:14 PM John Sexton

Corrected Makefiles to work inside the trunk.

1059 02/25/2009 07:03 PM John Sexton

Moved diagnostic station workspace to trunk.

1058 02/25/2009 06:47 PM John Sexton

Moving Diagnostic Station Workspace from branches to trunk.

1055 02/25/2009 05:25 PM Austin Buchan

include path was fixed. AVRDUDEPORT was changed to com4 instead of the usb/tty thingy

1053 02/25/2009 05:23 PM Austin Buchan

Updated with fixes to bom.c

1052 02/25/2009 05:23 PM Austin Buchan

only newline differences

1051 02/25/2009 05:21 PM Austin Buchan

Fixed some errors due to BOM being used instead of BOM10

1035 02/17/2009 09:22 PM Emily Hart

Added newline at the end of the file. Take that, gcc.

1032 02/17/2009 08:46 PM Justin Scheiner

Having trouble with wireless (I think) hopefully this will work by friday.

1030 02/17/2009 08:28 PM Abraham Levkoy

tested a bunch of different environments for mapping

1029 02/17/2009 08:27 PM Abraham Levkoy

Switched wl_init and wl_set_com_port in test.c (again?)

1028 02/17/2009 07:46 PM Justin Scheiner

Changes all around. Matlab server is now passive, might work soon.

1023 02/12/2009 06:01 PM Brad Neuman

added thing to program eeprom BOM ids and robot id over usb

1018 02/11/2009 12:11 PM Abraham Levkoy

Added the data files for real this time

1017 02/10/2009 10:49 PM Abraham Levkoy

Ran some tests in different environments. Data is in 1, 2, 3.txt

1016 02/10/2009 08:00 PM Chris Mar

calls to wl_init() and wl_set_com_port() were inverted

1005 02/05/2009 10:06 PM Abraham Levkoy

test takes an argument for the USB port #, but it doesn't commit a
memory error like it did last time I committed

1004 02/05/2009 09:45 PM Abraham Levkoy

test now takes a second argument for the USB port number

980 01/28/2009 11:42 PM Chris Mar

sorry...didn't mean to commit odometry.c

979 01/28/2009 11:41 PM Chris Mar

minor changes to remote control / mapping code...wireless control works with libwireless reverted to rev. 887. code in odometry interrupt conflicts with motors, not allowing the robot to move motors in response to commands.

970 01/27/2009 08:27 PM Abraham Levkoy

Wrote some code to test wireless communication between the computer and
the robot. Right now, it doesn't work.

967 01/27/2009 06:08 PM Abraham Levkoy

now it will work

966 01/26/2009 07:35 PM Justin Scheiner

Small changes - new file just waits for packets to buffer
for matlab, so the robots will decide when to send their
data in this version.

965 01/26/2009 07:34 PM Abraham Levkoy

Cleaned up test.c and robot_main.c in mapping.

963 01/23/2009 03:58 PM Justin Scheiner

Minor modifications and fixes. Haven't gotten it to work yet.

960 01/22/2009 07:34 PM Justin Scheiner

Small changes and comments.

959 01/22/2009 07:25 PM Justin Scheiner

Changed receive to work when there's no data,
haven't tested for when there is,
test.c works as expected,
Makefile modified to work on receive.c on a linux machine with matlab.
testing robots pending - not hopeful - see code.

958 01/21/2009 07:32 PM Chris Mar

added test for motors. it just runs the left and right. this can be improved.

957 01/20/2009 10:12 PM Justin Scheiner

Slight corrections to this file. I have no way
of testing without a computer with matlab/linux.

If anyone knows windows threading I'd be much
obliged. Alternatively, if anyone knows if there
is an accessible build of gcc higher then version
4 on andrew unix let me know.

954 01/16/2009 04:01 PM Justin Scheiner

Just some test code to see how concurrency works in matlab functions.

953 01/16/2009 03:50 PM Justin Scheiner

Added some test code for the receive function - does not work as
I can't get the token ring to start up. receive.c needs to be on
a matlab computer to be compiled and run correctly (mex receive.c -lpthread)

952 01/16/2009 02:36 PM Justin Scheiner

Wrote mex file code to interface between matlab and the wireless library.

951 01/14/2009 06:30 PM Chris Mar

testing commit on new svn (just template directory)

949 12/10/2008 07:36 PM Justin Scheiner

Added a odometry_velocity function that gives approximate speed of the robot in mm/s.

948 12/10/2008 03:55 PM Justin Scheiner

Added symbolic links to the odometry in mapping to the library, and provided documentation.

947 12/10/2008 03:30 PM Justin Scheiner

Odometry works!!

946 12/03/2008 12:01 AM Austin Buchan

extension of update to eeprom/bom/init. this is just the include files and the library archive.

945 12/02/2008 11:59 PM Austin Buchan

Integrated new BOM1.5 compatible code. Also put eeprom code for reading ID and BOM type from EEPROM. will need to program each robot's eeprom separately later. This has been tested and verified to work on robots with different BOM types.

944 12/02/2008 07:32 PM Chris Mar

added a test for lights/orbs.

940 12/01/2008 07:28 AM Ryan Cahoon

Prototype JNI (Java Native Interface) for libwireless. Compiles, and
java loads the library, but untested with a real scenario or hardware.

939 11/29/2008 08:11 AM Ryan Cahoon

added passing of overhead camera image to client through PHP
fixed unfreed memory in server/vision/savetonetwork.c

938 11/27/2008 06:52 AM Ryan Cahoon

OpenCV now works directly with firewire, coriander is not needed
New vision algorithm integrated, a few issues left with algorithm that
tracks the movement of a specific robot
Removed experimental interface to send images over commands socket
--plan to use php in webserver instead...

937 11/26/2008 09:57 AM Ryan Cahoon

New vision algorithm utilitizing Hough Transform and edge detection
instead of the older one using ellipse fitting and thresholding

936 11/25/2008 05:54 PM Ryan Cahoon

Incremental update; working on:
- new vision algorithm utilizing edge detection instead of thresholding
- sending camera images over sockets instead of using the webserver

935 11/22/2008 11:39 PM Tudor Achim

untested realtime ir plotting

934 11/21/2008 08:20 PM Tudor Achim

Realtime position plotting

932 11/18/2008 11:49 PM Tudor Achim

A working server, with debug printing, some mapping capabilities
Partly for testing

931 11/18/2008 11:44 PM Tudor Achim

changed xbee packet handling, added more info for unexpected packets

930 11/18/2008 09:58 PM Chris Mar

sample maps created by pushing the robot around a table (3 or 4 walls)

929 11/18/2008 09:25 PM Justin Scheiner

Nothing was fixed nothing changed.

928 11/18/2008 09:16 PM Chris Mar

updated server-side mapping code (remote control, etc)

927 11/18/2008 09:16 PM Chris Mar

added odometry to robot mapping code via symlinks to justin's odometry code

926 11/18/2008 09:15 PM Justin Scheiner

Odometry committed. New version is more general, but still drifts to zero.

925 11/18/2008 09:14 PM Chris Mar

cleaning up robot code for mapping

924 11/18/2008 09:00 PM Justin Scheiner

Odometry will temporarily not work. Working code commented out. This commit is so the blight on the world that is
colony math.h will be eradicated for all time.

920 11/18/2008 07:10 PM Ryan Cahoon

Fixed error when getting xbee address during init on computer

919 11/18/2008 06:24 PM Tudor Achim

added model, whoops

918 11/18/2008 06:22 PM Tudor Achim

python stuff