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903 11/08/2008 07:20 PM Chris Mar

added range_init() call to dragonfly_init(). you will no longer have to call range_init() separately in your programs

890 10/28/2008 07:08 PM Justin Scheiner

Changed some odometry stuff. Interrupt is called now.
Still some problem that is not updating x and y data.

876 10/08/2008 05:57 PM Brian Coltin

Updated libdragonfly makefile.

870 10/06/2008 03:49 PM Justin Scheiner

Reversed the left wheel. Encoders increment when the robot is moved forward.

868 10/06/2008 03:36 PM Justin Scheiner

Added spi and encoders to the trunk. Tested and worked.
Encoders still read out directions backwards - i.e. there isn't a defined 'direction' for
the encoders to go with the wheels yet. I'll fix this about now.

862 09/26/2008 02:07 PM Kevin Woo

Updated analog.c and analog.h documentation and regenerated the docs. No need to remake the library as its just comments.

853 09/18/2008 10:06 PM Brad Neuman

added eeprom driver and a test for it

836 09/11/2008 07:18 PM Brian Coltin

Brad your fix fails. Reverting. Setting doxygen to output to an absolute path makes it so it will only work on the trac computer. This also breaks the make docs target.

826 09/08/2008 05:33 PM Brad Neuman

fixed doxyfile. commit working???????

774 05/05/2008 10:35 PM Kevin Woo

Cleaned up some of Jason's tickets for dragonfly_lib. Now it should suck less.

699 04/11/2008 05:13 PM Jason knichel

added some TODOs to be addressed

696 04/09/2008 09:12 PM Chris Mar

recompiled library - orb_init was called twice by dragonfly init. template folder contains run around demo code (to be restored post-demo). the ords appear to work (at least for demo).

601 02/25/2008 09:46 PM Kevin Woo

Apparently there were changes to bom.c and bom.h since the last time the
library was compiled.

delay_ms has been rewritten to use _delay_loop_2 which is a 4 cycle
implementation of a delay written in assembly. This is questionably more
accurate but does not use floating point to make delays anymore. ...

568 02/13/2008 07:53 PM Chris Mar

updated comments for BOM wrapper functions. no compiler warnings since they just call the new code.

491 02/06/2008 07:54 PM Chris Mar

removed print statements from new BOM code, recompiled library.

448 02/04/2008 09:20 PM Chris Mar

moved new BOM code into trunk (wrapper functions, etc...). still need to research deprecated function warnings. FYI, get_max_bom(), bom_on(), and bom_off() are deprecated. See bom.h for new functions/usage.

439 02/04/2008 08:09 PM Kevin Woo

Brace issue. For Jason's happiness.

437 02/04/2008 08:07 PM Kevin Woo

Cleaned up analog.c code. Recompiled library. Mostly commenting and
documentation fixes. No changes made to actual code.

380 01/28/2008 07:42 PM Jason knichel

fixed some style stuff

379 01/28/2008 07:09 PM Jason knichel

fixed some style stuff

378 01/28/2008 06:54 PM Jason knichel

fixed style problems

377 01/25/2008 06:07 PM Kevin Woo

Cleaned syntax.

339 12/15/2007 03:38 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed analog bug again. Why does it keep coming back?

338 12/15/2007 03:04 PM Brian Coltin

Copying Kevin's analog code over from the analog branch.

297 11/19/2007 10:09 PM Eugene Marinelli

trying to get server to send back num robots, xbee ids, sensor matrix -- not working yet

261 11/12/2007 09:31 PM Brian Coltin

Removed double orb initialization.

241 11/08/2007 11:16 PM Brian Coltin

Updated libdragonfly documentation.

87 09/26/2007 08:40 PM Brian Coltin

Updated build and documentation for libdragonfly, including reset.h, math.h and i2c.h.

83 09/26/2007 07:54 PM Kevin Woo

Wee we committed i2c with many problems. But it should be ok.

82 09/26/2007 07:46 PM Chris Mar

merged lib_additions

8 09/07/2007 12:35 PM Brian Coltin

Added libdragonfly project folder.