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1461 10/22/2009 11:01 PM Brad Neuman

updated all the library code to have sensible _init behavior.
Almost all of the library components have a global variable which gets set after init and the functions inside will fail with an error code if init has not been called. Also, the init functions themselves check this variable and will bail out without doing any damage if that init has already been called

1208 04/25/2009 08:03 PM Martin Herrmann

Moved usb_puts_P from diagnostic station to library

1155 04/20/2009 09:45 PM Martin Herrmann

Added missing inttypes header

1143 04/16/2009 05:55 PM Martin Herrmann

Added usb_puth* to serial.c/serial.h

437 02/04/2008 08:07 PM Kevin Woo

Cleaned up analog.c code. Recompiled library. Mostly commenting and
documentation fixes. No changes made to actual code.

241 11/08/2007 11:16 PM Brian Coltin

Updated libdragonfly documentation.

7 09/07/2007 12:27 PM Brian Coltin

Added wireless library.