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1043 02/19/2009 05:51 PM Rich Hong

max_objs is not an argument of load_world. Remove starts_with

1042 02/19/2009 05:24 PM Ben Poole

started working on integrating with rangefinders

1041 02/19/2009 04:23 PM Rich Hong

load world from input file, changed create poly to take an array of doubles

1040 02/19/2009 01:08 PM Ben Poole

added some functions to initialize the world. still needs a lot of work

1039 02/18/2009 10:57 PM Brad Neuman

works with 20 robots! but its incredibly slow and destroys computers
also fixed a bug in the robot creation code (it didn't init robots array to -1 after a resize)

1038 02/18/2009 05:35 PM David Schultz

update to libsim.a to include BOM

1037 02/18/2009 05:14 PM David Schultz

added BOM to libsim and shared library

1027 02/15/2009 03:39 PM Rich Hong

use abs in stdlib instead of a crappy macro

1026 02/15/2009 03:19 PM Ben Poole

working ray-polygon collisions, but needs a lot of clean up

1022 02/11/2009 07:08 PM Ben Poole

completed skeleton for the environment

1021 02/11/2009 06:44 PM Ben Poole

world header file, with type definitions

1020 02/11/2009 06:21 PM Brian Coltin

Now runs at a reasonable speed.

1019 02/11/2009 05:52 PM Brian Coltin

Theta changes now.

1012 02/08/2009 02:05 PM Bradley Yoo

theta in motors should change now

1011 02/06/2009 04:32 PM Brian Coltin

Forgot to commit header file.

1010 02/06/2009 03:04 PM Brian Coltin

Motion works, but needs fine tuning.

1009 02/06/2009 02:50 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed bug in iterator.

1008 02/06/2009 02:05 PM David Schultz

libsim rangefinders works with shared memory now

1007 02/06/2009 01:34 PM Siyuan Feng

get rid of the draw_funcs stuff.

1006 02/06/2009 11:41 AM Brian Coltin

Threading issues worked out better... Ready to add motion.

1003 02/04/2009 07:27 PM Nico Paris

Rangefinder now have normalized random noise!

1002 02/04/2009 06:31 PM Ben Poole

gaussian noise now has a gauss_init to initialize with a seed and chaos scalar

1001 02/04/2009 06:18 PM Rich Hong

the function move will now update the position of the robot and its theta. This can be merged into libsim once tested

1000 02/04/2009 05:58 PM Ben Poole

working gaussian nosie function: gauss_noise()

999 02/04/2009 05:53 PM Nico Paris
998 02/04/2009 05:49 PM Nico Paris
997 02/04/2009 05:43 PM Brian Coltin

Started on drawing robots in the right place.

996 02/04/2009 05:31 PM Brad Neuman

fixed the environment variable stuff

995 02/04/2009 05:13 PM David Schultz

getenv should work
some commented code uncommented

994 02/04/2009 05:05 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed makefile includes.

993 02/04/2009 01:14 PM Andrew Yeager

Free's shared memory in the core file upon error in forking or error in attaching to shared memory

991 02/03/2009 04:33 PM Nico Paris

I hope this works

990 02/01/2009 06:38 PM David Schultz

library motor code

when Andrew's memory code is uncommented, uncomment the code in this file

989 01/31/2009 12:46 PM Brian Coltin

Renamed second core directory to test, slated for deletion.

988 01/31/2009 12:45 PM Brian Coltin

Refactored simulator, set some stuff up to work with multiple robots.

987 01/30/2009 05:35 PM Andrew Yeager

Including common directory in commit

986 01/30/2009 05:15 PM Brad Neuman

moved stuff from robot_test into libsim.c
libsim now contains the timer (pause/resume) stuff

Also commented andrew's code because it broke the build

985 01/30/2009 11:48 AM Rich Hong

ticket #159:
main() is just for testing
no working code yet just comments, still need to figure out the math

984 01/29/2009 09:19 PM Andrew Yeager

Function to free memory added, not sure how to test if its working.

983 01/29/2009 08:15 PM Andrew Yeager

Fixed initialization of simulators struct

982 01/29/2009 06:44 PM Andrew Yeager

Added shared memory setup code to the create_robot function. Need to
write the cleanup code still. Exec call is failing but wasn't
succeeding before code change either.

981 01/29/2009 01:29 AM Brad Neuman

Added signal handling code to core simulator

added a robot_test directory which contiains code to run the timer and deal with the robot side signaling. To compile it you need to run gcc
robot_test/robot.c -o robot_test/robot. This whole file is temporary. It is just proof of concept until it gets added to the simulator library

978 01/28/2009 07:57 PM Siyuan Feng

added a draw_funcs.c/h, functions need to draw stuff should go there.
added a basic function used to draw robot with x, y, orientation.

977 01/28/2009 07:39 PM David Schultz

added robot shared memory id to simulator structure

976 01/28/2009 07:00 PM Siyuan Feng

test again. nothing is changed

975 01/28/2009 06:57 PM Siyuan Feng

test commit

974 01/28/2009 06:47 PM Brian Coltin

Draws circle and square.

973 01/28/2009 06:24 PM Brian Coltin

Ooops, forgot to commit main method.

972 01/28/2009 06:22 PM David Schultz

update to robot shared header

971 01/28/2009 04:52 PM Brian Coltin

GUI now compiles.

964 01/23/2009 05:50 PM David Schultz

added some structs to the common header file

962 01/23/2009 11:02 AM Brian Coltin

Added beginning GUI code, does not compile.

961 01/22/2009 08:27 PM Brad Neuman

added tests of two possible ways to control proc's.

leaning heavily towards the itimer method

950 12/27/2008 12:23 AM Brian Coltin

Updated makefile to compile binaries for simulator.

943 12/01/2008 07:59 PM Brian Coltin

Simulator library compiles.

942 12/01/2008 07:52 PM Brian Coltin

Simulator library compiles but doesn't do anything.

941 12/01/2008 07:36 PM Brian Coltin

All library files added, unimplemented.

933 11/20/2008 07:57 PM Brian Coltin

Added unimplemented message to simulator library.

906 11/11/2008 06:41 PM Brian Coltin

Started working on library... Wrote about half of the stubs.

893 10/28/2008 07:45 PM Brian Coltin

Updated simulator lib directory with new headers.

892 10/28/2008 07:43 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed Makefile and Doxyfile.

891 10/28/2008 07:39 PM Brian Coltin

Moved comments to headers. That was painful.

881 10/21/2008 06:03 PM Brian Coltin

Moved headers to include directory.

880 10/21/2008 05:55 PM Brian Coltin

Created simulator branch. Sorry for adding new branches, but I am planning on rearranging the library.

877 10/08/2008 05:58 PM Brian Coltin

Delete src directory.

876 10/08/2008 05:57 PM Brian Coltin

Updated libdragonfly makefile.

875 10/08/2008 05:57 PM Brian Coltin

Updated wireless makefile.

874 10/08/2008 04:29 PM Greg Tress

Added comment in discrete controller

872 10/06/2008 04:06 PM Justin Scheiner

Small modifications to odometry. I'm all but committed to using floating point.

871 10/06/2008 03:52 PM Justin Scheiner

Recommitting the library so encoders work for other people as well.

870 10/06/2008 03:49 PM Justin Scheiner

Reversed the left wheel. Encoders increment when the robot is moved forward.

868 10/06/2008 03:36 PM Justin Scheiner

Added spi and encoders to the trunk. Tested and worked.
Encoders still read out directions backwards - i.e. there isn't a defined 'direction' for
the encoders to go with the wheels yet. I'll fix this about now.

867 10/06/2008 03:13 PM Justin Scheiner

Added encoder test code to trunk. Addition of encoder code pending testing.

866 10/05/2008 03:41 PM Greg Tress

Fixed file paths in last commit

865 10/05/2008 03:40 PM Greg Tress

Moved files

864 10/05/2008 03:36 PM Greg Tress

Updates to joystick control/slave - attempt 2

862 09/26/2008 02:07 PM Kevin Woo

Updated analog.c and analog.h documentation and regenerated the docs. No need to remake the library as its just comments.

858 09/23/2008 07:25 PM David Schultz

bom/token ring test complete
updated testeeprom #include to make it compile

857 09/23/2008 06:32 PM Brian Coltin

Removed KWoo's crap from template.

853 09/18/2008 10:06 PM Brad Neuman

added eeprom driver and a test for it

848 09/16/2008 08:14 PM David Schultz

Made token ring/BOM test. Currently does not work correctly. Either reports no robots in token ring, or MAXIMUM_XBEE_ID (15) robots in token ring. More testing needed.

836 09/11/2008 07:18 PM Brian Coltin

Brad your fix fails. Reverting. Setting doxygen to output to an absolute path makes it so it will only work on the trac computer. This also breaks the make docs target.

831 09/08/2008 11:05 PM John Sexton

Now have working version of testanalog which prints the table of analog values stored on the robot. Allows us to do analog tests manually and watch the values the robot is reading.

830 09/08/2008 08:35 PM John Sexton

Prints table of the analog values by cycling through all the analog ports and outputting an integer value corresponding to the ADC conversion of that port. Table format needs work.

827 09/08/2008 07:19 PM David Schultz

testrangefinders works.
testanalog gives values, which might mean it works.

826 09/08/2008 05:33 PM Brad Neuman

fixed doxyfile. commit working???????

825 09/08/2008 05:29 PM Kevin Woo

Testing seemed to work...trying for real.

824 09/08/2008 04:44 PM Kevin Woo

Switching to svn co rather than svn cat...

823 09/08/2008 03:33 PM Kevin Woo

Removed the quotes around the input variables...

822 09/08/2008 03:30 PM Kevin Woo

Changed the post-commit file to not have to call another file...this one just runs our previous doxygen-post-commit-hook

821 09/08/2008 03:14 PM Kevin Woo

Changed variables to use quotes in the commit script.

819 09/01/2008 10:28 PM Kevin Woo

Found a more concise way of getting the files from the commit.

818 09/01/2008 10:22 PM Kevin Woo

Removed the deletion of the temp directory...

817 09/01/2008 10:21 PM Kevin Woo

Come on...permissions???

816 09/01/2008 10:19 PM Kevin Woo

Added io redirection...might speed it up...

815 09/01/2008 10:16 PM Kevin Woo

Variable errors...

814 09/01/2008 10:14 PM Kevin Woo

Doesn't seem to be a permissions problem. Trying to just call doxygen without a doxy file.

813 09/01/2008 10:12 PM Kevin Woo

Still confused...

812 09/01/2008 10:09 PM Kevin Woo

< Permissions perhaps?

811 09/01/2008 10:07 PM Kevin Woo

There is a problem