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1001 02/04/2009 06:18 PM Rich Hong

the function move will now update the position of the robot and its theta. This can be merged into libsim once tested

989 01/31/2009 12:46 PM Brian Coltin

Renamed second core directory to test, slated for deletion.

986 01/30/2009 05:15 PM Brad Neuman

moved stuff from robot_test into libsim.c
libsim now contains the timer (pause/resume) stuff

Also commented andrew's code because it broke the build

985 01/30/2009 11:48 AM Rich Hong

ticket #159:
main() is just for testing
no working code yet just comments, still need to figure out the math

961 01/22/2009 08:27 PM Brad Neuman

added tests of two possible ways to control proc's.

leaning heavily towards the itimer method