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1068 03/04/2009 10:59 PM Andrew Yeager

Added replay functionality and command line arguments

-l <filename> log simulation to file [currently make sure file does not
exist, overwriting of files not handled well]

-p <filename> run a log file rather than simulation

-w <filename> load in world file

1064 02/28/2009 06:32 PM Brian Coltin

Cleaned up code, removed all compiler warnings.

1045 02/19/2009 08:37 PM Ben Poole

added a sample world, updated main to load the sample world

1019 02/11/2009 05:52 PM Brian Coltin

Theta changes now.

1010 02/06/2009 03:04 PM Brian Coltin

Motion works, but needs fine tuning.

1006 02/06/2009 11:41 AM Brian Coltin

Threading issues worked out better... Ready to add motion.

988 01/31/2009 12:45 PM Brian Coltin

Refactored simulator, set some stuff up to work with multiple robots.

982 01/29/2009 06:44 PM Andrew Yeager

Added shared memory setup code to the create_robot function. Need to
write the cleanup code still. Exec call is failing but wasn't
succeeding before code change either.

978 01/28/2009 07:57 PM Siyuan Feng

added a draw_funcs.c/h, functions need to draw stuff should go there.
added a basic function used to draw robot with x, y, orientation.

971 01/28/2009 04:52 PM Brian Coltin

GUI now compiles.

962 01/23/2009 11:02 AM Brian Coltin

Added beginning GUI code, does not compile.