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1390 09/07/2009 10:19 PM Rich Hong

fixes #570 avrdude port detection

1228 04/28/2009 05:37 PM Abraham Levkoy

Run around now uses R4 and R5.

1200 04/25/2009 04:51 PM Abraham Levkoy

Smart run around produces more of a wall-following behavior at
this point. Rangefinder readings are clearly not in cm. I have assumed that they
give the distance in mm but 50 mm too large. I don't think this is correct,
but the robot does not crash, so I left. The states do what they are ...

1199 04/25/2009 03:23 AM Abraham Levkoy

Created new directory for development of new smart run around. Although this
makes no sense WRT the structure of the repository, it will allow autonomous
mapping to continue to function during the development of the new smart run
around while still keeping the new smart run around conveniently close to...