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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
322TaskFixedHighDepsit SURG ChecksJames Kong03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

318TaskFixedHighTesting colony trac ticket emailsKevin Woo03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

316TaskFixedHighSURG S09 ApplicationAustin Buchan03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

313TaskFixedLowMove wiki to tracKevin Woo03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

310TaskFixedNormalFix milestones and categories for tracKevin Woo03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

298TaskWontfixLowCopy old repository to roboclub8Kevin Woo03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

295TaskFixedHighSet up email notification on tracKevin Woo03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

282TaskInvalidNormalCreate XBee status chartGreg Tress03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

264TaskWorksformeHighThought PaperJames Kong03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

239TaskFixedTabledPort Old Meeting Minutes OverJames Kong03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

213TaskWorksformeTabledman pages on roboclub1Eugene Marinelli03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

210TaskWontfixTabledman pages on roboclub9Eugene Marinelli03/21/2009 12:47 PMAdministration

176TaskInvalidTabledMeeting of the Minds posterJames Kong03/21/2009 12:42 PMAdministration

175TaskFixedNormalF08 SURG applicationAustin Buchan03/21/2009 12:42 PMAdministration

170TaskFixedNormalTrac accounts for all membersJames Kong03/21/2009 12:41 PMAdministration

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