From 11/03/2011 to 12/02/2011


08:24 PM Enhancement #1903: Discuss and Contact about Extra Colony III Boards
We contacted Brian Kirby and got 6 new boards. We will install them this Saturday. Ben Wasserman


12:18 AM Task #1590 (Wontfix): Implement Highway Behavior
No longer working on the Traffic Navigation project. Alex Zirbel
12:17 AM Task #1457 (Wontfix): Work on battery detection
Would be better to spend these efforts on the new Scout platform. Alex Zirbel
12:17 AM Bug #852: Xbee Documentation
Assigned to new Colony project leader, since this may or may not be useful in the future but doesn't fall within my r... Alex Zirbel
12:15 AM Bug #797 (Wontfix): rename motor.h
Unnecessary change for the old repository. Alex Zirbel
12:15 AM Bug #571 (Wontfix): Remove spaces in repository
Moving to new Scout repository soon anyway. Alex Zirbel
12:14 AM Task #353: Make Doxygen Tutorial/Presentation
Presentation Scheduled for Monday November 14. Alex Zirbel
12:12 AM Task #1593 (Wontfix): Develop a Collimator for BOM
Alex Zirbel

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