From 10/11/2011 to 11/09/2011


12:18 AM Task #1590 (Wontfix): Implement Highway Behavior
No longer working on the Traffic Navigation project. Alex Zirbel
12:17 AM Task #1457 (Wontfix): Work on battery detection
Would be better to spend these efforts on the new Scout platform. Alex Zirbel
12:17 AM Bug #852: Xbee Documentation
Assigned to new Colony project leader, since this may or may not be useful in the future but doesn't fall within my r... Alex Zirbel
12:15 AM Bug #797 (Wontfix): rename motor.h
Unnecessary change for the old repository. Alex Zirbel
12:15 AM Bug #571 (Wontfix): Remove spaces in repository
Moving to new Scout repository soon anyway. Alex Zirbel
12:14 AM Task #353: Make Doxygen Tutorial/Presentation
Presentation Scheduled for Monday November 14. Alex Zirbel
12:12 AM Task #1593 (Wontfix): Develop a Collimator for BOM
Alex Zirbel


08:20 PM Enhancement #1903 (Assigned): Discuss and Contact about Extra Colony III Boards
Bring up at the next status meeting about the extra boards that exist, and if the colony is happy with it, contact Br... Ben Wasserman

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