From 04/05/2011 to 05/04/2011


02:38 PM Task #1578 (Fixed): Plan Barcode and Start Designing Database
Priyanka Deo


07:53 PM Revision 1999: Refactored main_new timings so that bots travel through intersections more
fluidly Alexander Lam
07:27 PM Revision 1998: Fixed issue where if bot had no other bot in front it would still wait the time
for the imaginary bot in front to drive out of intersection. Alexander Lam
05:02 PM Revision 1997: Added auto-calibration for barcode reading.
Alex Zirbel


01:42 PM Revision 1996: Final version of Traffic Navigation Poster.
Alex Zirbel
08:24 PM Revision 1995: Made poster more concise.
Abraham Levkoy


06:38 PM Revision 1994: Updated 2011 MoM Poster, added pictures.
Matthew McKay
05:22 PM Revision 1993: I screwed the last commit, fixed it
Alexander Lam
05:16 PM Revision 1992: Temporary hack to make sure bot that announces it has exited is really clear of
intersection. Alexander Lam
05:11 PM Revision 1991: Updated some random number generators to have more entropy.
Alexander Lam
04:58 PM Revision 1990: adding tests for graph script
Joseph Lee
04:53 PM Revision 1989: changed to account for new spec
Jeff Cooper


06:40 AM Revision 1988: This is a working version of the code for the demo. It works on Bot 7, and partial...
I added a #define for sendGraph, so its main won't be compiled unless defined. Uncomment the #de...
Ben Wasserman


06:55 PM Revision 1987: Updated mapping code. Fixed some bugs.
Usure about something - see the TODO. Will fix soon. Devendra Gurjar


06:51 PM Revision 1986: Rough Sketch of Poster for MoM for Traffic Navigation
Matthew McKay
06:37 PM Revision 1985: Fixed barcodes first read problem.
Barcodes used to always read gray for the first bit, but this problem is now fixed by better initializiation in lineF... Alex Zirbel
06:15 PM Revision 1984: Created some mapping code that compiles!
Lower level mapping functions finalized!
Higher level random mapping still needs some work.
It is probably buggy.
Devendra Gurjar
06:06 PM Revision 1983: Modified barcodes again - after reading the first barcode, should work like normal.
Alex Zirbel
05:39 PM Revision 1982: Update intersectData.{c,h} to reflect new demo map. Renumbered intersections.
Created macro UNUSED_INTER, an intersection number that signifies that a node is
not in use. Use it to initialize the...
Abraham Levkoy
04:35 PM Revision 1981: Added new barcode reading to linefollowing project - first barcode is still wrong,...
Alex Zirbel


07:45 PM Revision 1980: Fixed all compilation errors and warnings in traffic_navigation. If you committed ...
abominations, I hope you're sorry. I only made things compile. If I fixed your code, it
might no longer do what you i...
Abraham Levkoy
06:40 PM Revision 1979: Added old files that used to compile,
new main in sendGraph that sends a graph packet - temporary Devendra Gurjar
04:39 PM Revision 1978: Added the map generation script
Jeff Cooper


06:36 PM Revision 1977: Fixed small bug in new main where if barcode was invalid, forgot to restart
motors for line following. Alexander Lam
06:24 PM Revision 1976: Added function that creates the edges used for mapping in mapping.c. Note: code do...
Priyanka Deo
06:03 PM Revision 1975: Fixed location of pound define to enable wireless watcher
Alexander Lam
06:02 PM Revision 1974: Back to most recent version of barcode reading.
Alex Zirbel
05:56 PM Revision 1973
Devendra Gurjar
05:54 PM Revision 1972: Traffic Navigation:
Fixed some various issues with the new main (bad calls & added barcode error
It compiles by default now.
Alexander Lam
05:18 PM Revision 1971: Turned on orbs for linefollowing
Alexander Lam


03:33 AM Revision 1970: Linefollowing:
added #defines around orb statements to keep them from interfering with other
orb control statements.
Alexander Lam
03:32 AM Revision 1969: Traffic Navigation:
Started integration of the new intersection queue code.
(main-intersectionDebug.c, main-new.c, & traffic_navigation.h...
Alexander Lam
02:32 AM Revision 1968: Added an alternate main that merely outputs the wireless
packets that are being thrown across the air to usb.
It translates Traffic Navigation packet id's into names.
Alexander Lam


05:06 PM Revision 1967: adding parser test script
Joseph Lee


07:28 PM Revision 1966: Added test map data encoding to intersectData.c. Fixe a whole bunch of stuff so
that at least this traffic_navigation compiles without warnings. Symlinked to
needed files in linefollow. Changed fun...
Abraham Levkoy
05:42 PM Revision 1965: Added which reads from a robot on USB and prints to a file named gra...
Ben Wasserman
05:40 PM Revision 1964: Removed the 'x bytes:' from each line for easier parsing by the mapping programs.
Ben Wasserman
05:24 PM Revision 1963: Redoing grapher script...
Joseph Lee
05:17 PM Revision 1962: added grapher script
Joseph Lee
04:40 PM Revision 1961: Added new linefollowing code for barcodes.
Debug statements are still included, but this is the latest version of the code.
Bot14 at least reads all barcodes c...
Alex Zirbel

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