From 03/27/2011 to 04/25/2011


06:51 PM Revision 1986: Rough Sketch of Poster for MoM for Traffic Navigation
Matthew McKay
06:37 PM Revision 1985: Fixed barcodes first read problem.
Barcodes used to always read gray for the first bit, but this problem is now fixed by better initializiation in lineF... Alex Zirbel
06:15 PM Revision 1984: Created some mapping code that compiles!
Lower level mapping functions finalized!
Higher level random mapping still needs some work.
It is probably buggy.
Devendra Gurjar
06:06 PM Revision 1983: Modified barcodes again - after reading the first barcode, should work like normal.
Alex Zirbel
05:39 PM Revision 1982: Update intersectData.{c,h} to reflect new demo map. Renumbered intersections.
Created macro UNUSED_INTER, an intersection number that signifies that a node is
not in use. Use it to initialize the...
Abraham Levkoy
04:35 PM Revision 1981: Added new barcode reading to linefollowing project - first barcode is still wrong,...
Alex Zirbel


07:45 PM Revision 1980: Fixed all compilation errors and warnings in traffic_navigation. If you committed ...
abominations, I hope you're sorry. I only made things compile. If I fixed your code, it
might no longer do what you i...
Abraham Levkoy
06:40 PM Revision 1979: Added old files that used to compile,
new main in sendGraph that sends a graph packet - temporary Devendra Gurjar
04:39 PM Revision 1978: Added the map generation script
Jeff Cooper


06:36 PM Revision 1977: Fixed small bug in new main where if barcode was invalid, forgot to restart
motors for line following. Alexander Lam
06:24 PM Revision 1976: Added function that creates the edges used for mapping in mapping.c. Note: code do...
Priyanka Deo
06:03 PM Revision 1975: Fixed location of pound define to enable wireless watcher
Alexander Lam
06:02 PM Revision 1974: Back to most recent version of barcode reading.
Alex Zirbel
05:56 PM Revision 1973
Devendra Gurjar
05:54 PM Revision 1972: Traffic Navigation:
Fixed some various issues with the new main (bad calls & added barcode error
It compiles by default now.
Alexander Lam
05:18 PM Revision 1971: Turned on orbs for linefollowing
Alexander Lam


03:33 AM Revision 1970: Linefollowing:
added #defines around orb statements to keep them from interfering with other
orb control statements.
Alexander Lam
03:32 AM Revision 1969: Traffic Navigation:
Started integration of the new intersection queue code.
(main-intersectionDebug.c, main-new.c, & traffic_navigation.h...
Alexander Lam
02:32 AM Revision 1968: Added an alternate main that merely outputs the wireless
packets that are being thrown across the air to usb.
It translates Traffic Navigation packet id's into names.
Alexander Lam


05:06 PM Revision 1967: adding parser test script
Joseph Lee


07:28 PM Revision 1966: Added test map data encoding to intersectData.c. Fixe a whole bunch of stuff so
that at least this traffic_navigation compiles without warnings. Symlinked to
needed files in linefollow. Changed fun...
Abraham Levkoy
05:42 PM Revision 1965: Added which reads from a robot on USB and prints to a file named gra...
Ben Wasserman
05:40 PM Revision 1964: Removed the 'x bytes:' from each line for easier parsing by the mapping programs.
Ben Wasserman
05:24 PM Revision 1963: Redoing grapher script...
Joseph Lee
05:17 PM Revision 1962: added grapher script
Joseph Lee
04:40 PM Revision 1961: Added new linefollowing code for barcodes.
Debug statements are still included, but this is the latest version of the code.
Bot14 at least reads all barcodes c...
Alex Zirbel


05:07 PM Revision 1960: Fixed lineFollow.h compile issues.
Alex Zirbel
04:58 PM Revision 1959: Added new linefollow function with bucketing.
Alex Zirbel


06:25 PM Revision 1958: Added more functionality to database for mapping things.
Priyanka Deo
06:23 PM Revision 1957: Reverted revisions 1949 and 1950 due to broken code (main.c contained some sort
of wierd unresolved merge?) Alexander Lam
06:06 PM Revision 1956: Added a unit test for the new (mux-ed) line following sensors
Deprecated the old line following test (test_ir.t)
Alexander Lam
05:30 PM Revision 1955: Status bot works!! The main function will listen and print to USB all wireless pac...
Ben Wasserman
05:10 PM Revision 1954: changed black_value
Willis Chang
05:08 PM Revision 1953
Willis Chang


06:01 PM Revision 1952: Small edits to the barcode reader
With proper setup of the barcodes (printed on rather than taped), this barcode reader is working. Alex Zirbel
05:45 PM Revision 1951: changed constant in linefollowing
Dan Jacobs
05:09 PM Revision 1950: Added mapping capabilites
Devendra Gurjar
05:08 PM Revision 1949: Added mapping capabilites
Devendra Gurjar

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