From 02/19/2011 to 03/20/2011


02:58 AM Revision 1946: Added Java code to listen to serial port. Also included development notes (DEV-NOT...
John Sexton


05:20 PM Task #1489 (Fixed): Look into finding funding for maps
Dan Shope's paper worked. Don't need to talk to photographer any more. John Sexton
05:19 PM Task #1615 (Fixed): Get Plastic Stand-Off Replacements
Andrew Burks ordered more stand-offs a while ago if I remember correctly. John Sexton
05:18 PM Task #1592 (Wontfix): Talk to Photographer for Paper
Dan Shope gave us some white paper and we now have a large map. John Sexton


06:10 PM Revision 1945: Changed to use Alex's barcode code.
Alex Zirbel
10:47 PM Task #1679 (Fixed): SURG F11
Design: Accessories
Ben Wasserman
10:22 PM Bug #1678 (Fixed): SURG F11
Design: Computing design
Ben Wasserman


06:51 PM Task #1677 (Fixed): SURG F11
Design: Computer system
Ben Wasserman
06:50 PM Task #1676 (Fixed): SURG F11
Design: Sensor systems
Ben Wasserman
06:49 PM Task #1675 (Fixed): SURG F11
Design: mechanical design
Ben Wasserman
06:48 PM Task #1674 (Fixed): SURG F11
Significance: What applications does the platform have?
Ben Wasserman
06:47 PM Task #1673 (Fixed): SURG F11
Significance: How did we make it low cost?
Ben Wasserman
06:46 PM Task #1672 (Fixed): SURG F11
Significance: Why is scout better than colony 3?
Ben Wasserman
06:45 PM Task #1671 (Fixed): SURG F11
Research question
Ben Wasserman
06:44 PM Task #1670 (Fixed): SURG F11
Abstract section: why is this important research?
Ben Wasserman
06:43 PM Task #1669 (Fixed): SURG F11
Abstract section: what is scout
Ben Wasserman


06:36 PM Revision 1944: Added objects and some object functions to server Python script.
John Sexton
06:18 PM Revision 1943: Updated calibration station robot code to print values for more sensors.
John Sexton
02:00 AM Revision 1942: Updated barcode code to use the new line sensor, and to work better.
Alex Zirbel


12:43 AM Revision 1941: Modified python script to read from Arduino over serial and write values into a SQ...
John Sexton


05:37 PM Revision 1940: updated linefollowing for new line sensors
Dan Jacobs


04:59 PM Revision 1939: ifdef'ed main-intersectionTest.c so it won't be found by gcc when compiling. Hopef...
Ben Wasserman


06:12 PM Revision 1938: Some bugfixes for collision avoidance.
Alexander Lam
04:33 PM Revision 1937: removed shell script
Joseph Lee


05:50 PM Revision 1936: added spec for proposed robustness improvement of intersection handling
Joseph Lee
05:44 PM Revision 1935: I may have broken something, so I'm backing up what I have so I can revert the rep...
Ben Wasserman
05:11 PM Revision 1934: Adding specs
Joseph Lee

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