From 11/22/2010 to 12/21/2010


11:42 PM Revision 1914: Attempting to use rtc to do full left turns - not working at the moment, but does ...
Alex Zirbel
09:56 PM Revision 1913: Demo now MOSTLY WORKS. Yay. It just has trouble making turns and for some reason (...
Ben Wasserman
07:58 PM Revision 1912: Made compatibility of lineDrive.h and validTurns.h.
Priyanka Deo
07:07 PM Revision 1911: Redefinitions.
Alex Zirbel


06:40 PM Revision 1910: Updating some documentation for lineFollow
Alex Zirbel


05:01 PM Task #1556: Profile different mapping surfaces
Research a material and values for a gray color, please. Ben Wasserman
03:15 AM Task #1556: Profile different mapping surfaces
Have yet to compile data for glossy poster paper. Willis Chang
03:09 AM Revision 1909: Included barcode reader value means, standard deviations, histograms for various m...
Willis Chang
11:28 PM Revision 1908: reorganized stuff in intersectData. made new function getTurningIntersect
that can be used to input directly into dan's code. made new functions to get
information about road nodes stored int...
Priyanka Deo
10:48 PM Revision 1907: Bickles stopped working after revision 1906, so I tested it and changed
stuff in main so that it works. Priyanka Deo
07:48 PM Revision 1906: Added a function getTurnIntType(), which converts the intersection types into some...
Jeff Cooper
07:37 PM Revision 1905: Changed the randomNumGen so that it stopps reading IR and does stuff
with a seed. More random? Maybe. Priyanka Deo
07:27 PM Revision 1904: populated the database for the demo.
Jeff Cooper
07:18 PM Revision 1903: Added a "feature id" field in bits 13,14,15,16 of the database ints, documented ac...
Jeff Cooper


04:50 PM Revision 1902: Edited the .h and .c file so that global variables can be seen by other files with...
Mark Williams


08:49 PM Revision 1901: Updated main to work for the demo. It now switches states properly, but button1 se...
Ben Wasserman
08:26 PM Revision 1900: now it really works, for real this time!
Mark Williams
08:17 PM Revision 1899: Merging works
Mark Williams
08:14 PM Revision 1898: More bugfixes (holy crap I'm bad at this)
Alexander Lam
08:08 PM Revision 1897: More bug fixes, and most importantly,
Documentation about how to call the functions. Alexander Lam
08:07 PM Revision 1896: Changed main and validTurns to get the test going. Should theoretically drive thro...
Ben Wasserman
07:51 PM Revision 1895: More bug fixes for collision_avoid
Alexander Lam
07:28 PM Revision 1894: Fixed directions and array indexes to match.
Alexander Lam


09:17 PM Revision 1893: Added todo list to collision_avoid.c (i forgot to do this, sorry for the extra mes...
(HAI!) Alexander Lam
09:10 PM Revision 1892: First commit of the Collision Avoid Code. It probably doesn't work as-is.
This code is supposed to detect when multiple robots can cross an intersection at the same time.
Alexander Lam
09:03 PM Revision 1891: Merged highway code into main to test switching states between intersection and hi...
Ben Wasserman
08:15 PM Revision 1890: Did stuff, but its not complete yet
Mark Williams
07:26 PM Revision 1889: Updated main to include a break and highways.h to prototype files
Mark Williams
07:18 PM Revision 1888: Edited intersection behavior to break it into separate functions, and moved the #d...
Ben Wasserman


06:44 PM Task #1615 (Fixed): Get Plastic Stand-Off Replacements
Ask Burks about getting more stand-offs which hole the BOM boards up. John Sexton

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