From 10/14/2010 to 11/12/2010


05:34 PM Revision 1869: Added code for pinging in intersections, but it currently doesn't work so its comm...
Ben Wasserman
09:12 PM Revision 1868: GARS, source files aren't supposed to be executable. (now my ls output has the rig...
Alexander Lam
08:46 PM Revision 1867: fixed priya's bugs, left her questionable sytlistic choices
Jeff Cooper
08:16 PM Revision 1866: see comments for validTurns.h
this is the actual code for the function validateTurn that takes a barcode
and returns an integer that corresponds to...
Priyanka Deo
08:15 PM Revision 1865: header file for the function called when entering an intersection that
determines whether or not a turn is valid based on the intersection type
and position of the robot. Currently uses ra...
Priyanka Deo
07:58 PM Revision 1864: Added comments (doxygen style) to linefollow and linedrive.
Alex Zirbel


01:16 PM Revision 1863: Completed adding ping capabilities for intersections. Code compiles, but untested ...
Ben Wasserman


08:45 PM Revision 1862: killed analog loop
Dan Jacobs
08:41 PM Revision 1861: Added function to reply to pings, and come calls to ping robots in the queue. Won'...
Ben Wasserman
07:47 PM Revision 1860: removed old code
Dan Jacobs
07:37 PM Revision 1859: Added code to make it demo that the queue works. Mostly orbs and buttons, but some...
Ben Wasserman
07:15 PM Revision 1858: Updated line following code from line following project
Matthew McKay


12:36 AM Revision 1857: minor bug fix, 2nd attempt
Dan Jacobs
12:35 AM Revision 1856: minor bug fix
Dan Jacobs
12:27 AM Revision 1855: lineFollow now supports merge. line drive is UNTESTED and has NO COMMENTS, but wi...
Dan Jacobs
12:26 AM Revision 1854: lineFollow now supports merge. line drive is UNTESTED and has NO COMMENTS, but wi...
Dan Jacobs


11:05 PM Revision 1853: improved turning
Dan Jacobs


02:31 PM Revision 1852: Moved the old ref code to oldRef, and deleted the files from ref (the .old files).
Ben Wasserman
08:10 PM Revision 1851: Added turning
Dan Jacobs


10:32 PM Revision 1850: Added my RefBot code, and the hunter_prey.* files that it needs. Brad's old code i...
Ben Wasserman


07:20 PM Revision 1849: Removed all the unnecessary files that get added when compiling in James' hunter p...
Ben Wasserman


10:37 PM Revision 1848: added Carroll James' hunter prey corrected to bosserman's wireless specifications
James Carroll
10:15 PM Revision 1847: Added james' hunter-prey folder.
Alex Zirbel


07:08 PM Revision 1846: Fixed the #include so it can find the linefollow header. This should be fixed so i...
Ben Wasserman


05:03 PM Revision 1845: Updated linefollowing/barcode code.
Makefile is configured to OSX to annoy Dan. Devendra Gurjar
04:11 PM Revision 1844: Added beginning of wireless protocol for traffic navigation, and added code for ha...
Ben Wasserman
12:20 PM Revision 1843: Added the traffic_navigation directory to projects in trunk, and inserted my preli...
Ben Wasserman


08:30 PM Revision 1842: Some barcode code
Dan Jacobs


06:34 PM Revision 1841: Added line following
Dan Jacobs


07:51 PM Revision 1840: Added james and ben's hunter prey code.
Alex Zirbel

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