From 10/13/2010 to 11/11/2010


09:37 PM Bug #1574 (Assigned): wl_basic_do_default(int *length) doesn't set *length to zero if no packet r...
Either need to add code to preset &dataLength = 0 in /home/lama/projects/colony/trunk/code/projects/traffic_navigatio... Alexander Lam
09:12 PM Revision 1868: GARS, source files aren't supposed to be executable. (now my ls output has the rig...
Alexander Lam
08:46 PM Revision 1867: fixed priya's bugs, left her questionable sytlistic choices
Jeff Cooper
08:16 PM Revision 1866: see comments for validTurns.h
this is the actual code for the function validateTurn that takes a barcode
and returns an integer that corresponds to...
Priyanka Deo
08:15 PM Revision 1865: header file for the function called when entering an intersection that
determines whether or not a turn is valid based on the intersection type
and position of the robot. Currently uses ra...
Priyanka Deo
08:02 PM Task #1549 (Fixed): Populate /Projects/site folder on W: drive
Dan Shope took care of this already when he made the new site. Looks good as is, nothing else to do. Alex Zirbel
07:58 PM Revision 1864: Added comments (doxygen style) to linefollow and linedrive.
Alex Zirbel


01:16 PM Revision 1863: Completed adding ping capabilities for intersections. Code compiles, but untested ...
Ben Wasserman


10:37 PM Task #1568: Clean up Colony-New and prepare for next year
I read the issue before Ben's response and was thinking the same thing - the new repo is still a good place to experi... Alex Zirbel
09:34 PM Task #1570: Implement Intersection Behavior
Reliability: Ben, Vinay
Collision avoidance: Alex L (not Alex Z)
Determining Turns: Priya
I also made a bit of p...
Ben Wasserman
07:28 PM Task #1570 (Assigned): Implement Intersection Behavior
This ticket is to keep track of the entire Intersection Group. Post comments on progress as it happens.
Subtasks a...
Ben Wasserman
08:45 PM Revision 1862: killed analog loop
Dan Jacobs
08:41 PM Revision 1861: Added function to reply to pings, and come calls to ping robots in the queue. Won'...
Ben Wasserman
07:47 PM Revision 1860: removed old code
Dan Jacobs
07:37 PM Revision 1859: Added code to make it demo that the queue works. Mostly orbs and buttons, but some...
Ben Wasserman
07:15 PM Revision 1858: Updated line following code from line following project
Matthew McKay


06:09 PM Task #1568: Clean up Colony-New and prepare for next year
I'd recommend leaving it until later in the year, or until the intro labs next year. That way people can still use it... Ben Wasserman
05:36 PM Task #1568 (Assigned): Clean up Colony-New and prepare for next year
Need to figure out what we want to do with colony-new repository.
We will need to clean it out for next year, but ...
John Sexton
05:22 PM Task #1405 (Fixed): Look into finding gumstix
Response from Gumstix (in short, request denied):
Hi Christopher
Thanks for writing. As you may imagine, Gumsti...
Chris Mar


05:34 PM Task #1544 (Fixed): Cut Video for Hunter-Prey
John Sexton
04:43 AM Task #1544: Cut Video for Hunter-Prey
Finished and uploaded. Alex Zirbel
05:34 PM Task #1542 (Fixed): Move Brad's Ref Code
Ben Wasserman
05:33 PM Task #1562 (Assigned): Make Hunter-Prey Ref More Verbose
Make the output more clear about which bots are cheating and how. Ben Wasserman
12:36 AM Revision 1857: minor bug fix, 2nd attempt
Dan Jacobs
12:35 AM Revision 1856: minor bug fix
Dan Jacobs
12:27 AM Revision 1855: lineFollow now supports merge. line drive is UNTESTED and has NO COMMENTS, but wi...
Dan Jacobs
12:26 AM Revision 1854: lineFollow now supports merge. line drive is UNTESTED and has NO COMMENTS, but wi...
Dan Jacobs


11:05 PM Revision 1853: improved turning
Dan Jacobs


12:32 PM Task #1543 (Fixed): Move colony-new members to colony list
Removed everyone except Colony Admins (past and present). Should be primed for addition of new members next year. John Sexton


02:31 PM Revision 1852: Moved the old ref code to oldRef, and deleted the files from ref (the .old files).
Ben Wasserman
08:10 PM Revision 1851: Added turning
Dan Jacobs


07:45 PM Task #1556 (Assigned): Profile different mapping surfaces
Record the mean intensity and the standard deviation for 4 different surfaces we are interested in:
- Printer paper
John Sexton
07:44 PM Task #1489 (Fixed): Look into finding funding for maps
We will use the paper that Dan Shope has let us borrow. If this becomes a problem, we can reopen this ticket. John Sexton
06:35 PM Task #1489: Look into finding funding for maps
Talk to Dan Shope. He's got some large paper that we might be able to have if we ask nicely. John Sexton
07:41 PM Task #1439: Check/Order robot battery clips
Kwab is now looking for the clips. When he finds them, Harrison will order them. Nico Paris
07:26 PM Task #1543: Move colony-new members to colony list
Added new members to rc-colony list. Alex is informing new members that lists are being cleaned up and to notify us i... John Sexton
05:03 PM Task #1549 (Fixed): Populate /Projects/site folder on W: drive
John Sexton


07:27 PM Task #1544 (Fixed): Cut Video for Hunter-Prey
John Sexton
01:27 AM Task #1543 (Fixed): Move colony-new members to colony list
John Sexton
01:26 AM Task #1456 (Fixed): Send reminder emails
John Sexton
11:47 PM Task #1542 (Fixed): Move Brad's Ref Code
Move to its own HP directory. Ben Wasserman
10:32 PM Revision 1850: Added my RefBot code, and the hunter_prey.* files that it needs. Brad's old code i...
Ben Wasserman


07:20 PM Revision 1849: Removed all the unnecessary files that get added when compiling in James' hunter p...
Ben Wasserman


10:37 PM Revision 1848: added Carroll James' hunter prey corrected to bosserman's wireless specifications
James Carroll
10:15 PM Revision 1847: Added james' hunter-prey folder.
Alex Zirbel


07:08 PM Revision 1846: Fixed the #include so it can find the linefollow header. This should be fixed so i...
Ben Wasserman


05:34 PM Task #1534 (Assigned): Add Line Following to Library
Line following should be callable like wireless - once per loop, call
followline(int speed)
And line following shou...
Alex Zirbel
05:08 PM Task #1486 (Fixed): Create a MUX for sensors
Turns out we can just buy it.
Ticket sent to Harrison
Nico Paris
05:06 PM Task #1487 (Fixed): Find out who ordered sensors, get more
Ben Wasserman
05:06 PM Task #1513 (Fixed): Get Letter of Rec from George
Alex Zirbel
05:03 PM Revision 1845: Updated linefollowing/barcode code.
Makefile is configured to OSX to annoy Dan. Devendra Gurjar
04:11 PM Revision 1844: Added beginning of wireless protocol for traffic navigation, and added code for ha...
Ben Wasserman
12:20 PM Revision 1843: Added the traffic_navigation directory to projects in trunk, and inserted my preli...
Ben Wasserman


08:30 PM Revision 1842: Some barcode code
Dan Jacobs


06:34 PM Revision 1841: Added line following
Dan Jacobs


07:51 PM Revision 1840: Added james and ben's hunter prey code.
Alex Zirbel
08:41 PM Task #1513 (Fixed): Get Letter of Rec from George
Will need a letter of recommendation from a mentor for SURG application by SURG due date. John Sexton


03:47 AM Task #1488 (Fixed): Cut and post Lab1 Video
Alex Zirbel

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