From 08/13/2010 to 09/11/2010


09:12 PM Bug #1390 (Fixed): Come to decision on wireless
Alex Zirbel
09:06 PM Task #1410 (Fixed): Make a demo dancer
Feel Good inc? Alex Zirbel
08:53 PM Task #1404 (Fixed): Get new members started on labs
New member list populated and welcome email sent. John Sexton
08:22 PM Task #1409 (Fixed): Get Lab1 done
Write Lab1 done so it can be potentially released this Friday. John Sexton


07:33 PM Task #1394 (Fixed): Brush up slideshow for new colony meeting
Slide show fixed. Needs to go up on Wiki. John Sexton
06:11 PM Task #1408 (Fixed): Organize SURG team
Put on sensors, set up meeting times, and get people excited about the city! Alex Zirbel
06:10 PM Task #1407 (Fixed): Look into new batteries
Background task, of sorts .. just start looking at batteries. Alex Zirbel
06:07 PM Task #1406 (Fixed): Send out aburks' email address to new members
Also send email to new members with Andrew Burks' email address, he wanted to be contacted by them for tool training. Alex Zirbel
06:01 PM Task #1405 (Fixed): Look into finding gumstix
Get the sticks soon! Alex Zirbel
05:57 PM Task #1404 (Fixed): Get new members started on labs
Populate the new members dlist, and email out instructions and guides to get started on the labs. Alex Zirbel
11:51 PM Task #1403 (Fixed): Organize Introductory Outline pages on Wiki
We need to reorganize the introductory lab outline pages on the Wiki. It would be nice to browse through previous yea... John Sexton
08:14 PM Bug #1395: Work on getting the bad robots working
Fixed the bad wheel on bot 10 and took off the wires on the top. Hooray! Alex Zirbel


01:18 AM Bug #1390: Come to decision on wireless
The new wireless library will be put aside for now. However, I will put some time into it when I can trying to debug ... Ben Wasserman


05:49 PM Task #1400 (Assigned): Complete SURG form
Fill out the Colony SURG Participation Agreement form. Due noon, Sept. 30 (Participation form); Final report form du... Alex Zirbel


11:42 PM Task #342 (Wontfix): Program Robot to Read an Analog Value and Print the Data
John Sexton
11:36 PM Bug #1388 (Fixed): Remove hunter prey john
Folder is now removed. John Sexton
11:35 PM Revision 1829: Removed the old hunter_prey_john folder in favor of the new more organized hunter_...
John Sexton
11:21 PM Bug #1391 (Fixed): Buy boards for line following
Harrison has ordered boards. They are shipping now. Currently in HENDERSON, NV according to FedEx site. John Sexton


05:13 PM Bug #1395 (Invalid): Work on getting the bad robots working
Learn how to debug the robots with analog. Alex Zirbel
05:11 PM Task #1394 (Fixed): Brush up slideshow for new colony meeting
Get everything up to date. Alex Zirbel
05:10 PM Bug #1393 (Fixed): Finish intro lab writeup
Make sure the labs are done so we can proofread by Friday. Alex Zirbel
04:53 PM Bug #1391 (Fixed): Buy boards for line following
Make sure these boards get ordered as soon as possible so we're only waiting on the manufacturers. Alex Zirbel
04:48 PM Bug #1390 (Fixed): Come to decision on wireless
Clean up decision on wireless/talk to David if that hasn't happened yet. Alex Zirbel
04:47 PM Task #1389 (Assigned): Figure out rangefinders group
Check on the rangefinders, since the group wasn't at the last colony meeting. Alex Zirbel
04:46 PM Bug #1388 (Fixed): Remove hunter prey john
Remove this demo from the folder. Alex Zirbel
04:44 PM Task #1387 (Assigned): Conclusion on filter design
Check with Emily on the filter design, and reach a decision on the next thing to do. Alex Zirbel
04:41 PM Task #1386 (Fixed): Clean up tickets
Remove old tickets which aren't being used. Alex Zirbel
02:58 PM Revision 1828: hunter prey demo with new file structure
Evan Mullinix


10:35 PM Bug #1379 (Fixed): Finish Rangefinder Offsets
Megan Dority


02:49 PM Revision 1827: Unittests: Added test_ir.c to test new IR receivers for line following, and modifi...
Ben Wasserman


05:52 PM Task #1380 (Invalid): Document which robots work for which labs.
John Sexton
05:14 PM Bug #1379 (Fixed): Finish Rangefinder Offsets
What is the status of rangefinder offset, is there an easy (constant) offset value for each robot or does it vary wit... Dan Shope

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