From 08/09/2010 to 09/07/2010


05:49 PM Task #1400 (Assigned): Complete SURG form
Fill out the Colony SURG Participation Agreement form. Due noon, Sept. 30 (Participation form); Final report form du... Alex Zirbel


11:42 PM Task #342 (Wontfix): Program Robot to Read an Analog Value and Print the Data
John Sexton
11:36 PM Bug #1388 (Fixed): Remove hunter prey john
Folder is now removed. John Sexton
11:35 PM Revision 1829: Removed the old hunter_prey_john folder in favor of the new more organized hunter_...
John Sexton
11:21 PM Bug #1391 (Fixed): Buy boards for line following
Harrison has ordered boards. They are shipping now. Currently in HENDERSON, NV according to FedEx site. John Sexton


05:13 PM Bug #1395 (Invalid): Work on getting the bad robots working
Learn how to debug the robots with analog. Alex Zirbel
05:11 PM Task #1394 (Fixed): Brush up slideshow for new colony meeting
Get everything up to date. Alex Zirbel
05:10 PM Bug #1393 (Fixed): Finish intro lab writeup
Make sure the labs are done so we can proofread by Friday. Alex Zirbel
04:53 PM Bug #1391 (Fixed): Buy boards for line following
Make sure these boards get ordered as soon as possible so we're only waiting on the manufacturers. Alex Zirbel
04:48 PM Bug #1390 (Fixed): Come to decision on wireless
Clean up decision on wireless/talk to David if that hasn't happened yet. Alex Zirbel
04:47 PM Task #1389 (Assigned): Figure out rangefinders group
Check on the rangefinders, since the group wasn't at the last colony meeting. Alex Zirbel
04:46 PM Bug #1388 (Fixed): Remove hunter prey john
Remove this demo from the folder. Alex Zirbel
04:44 PM Task #1387 (Assigned): Conclusion on filter design
Check with Emily on the filter design, and reach a decision on the next thing to do. Alex Zirbel
04:41 PM Task #1386 (Fixed): Clean up tickets
Remove old tickets which aren't being used. Alex Zirbel
02:58 PM Revision 1828: hunter prey demo with new file structure
Evan Mullinix


10:35 PM Bug #1379 (Fixed): Finish Rangefinder Offsets
Megan Dority


02:49 PM Revision 1827: Unittests: Added test_ir.c to test new IR receivers for line following, and modifi...
Ben Wasserman


05:52 PM Task #1380 (Invalid): Document which robots work for which labs.
John Sexton
05:14 PM Bug #1379 (Fixed): Finish Rangefinder Offsets
What is the status of rangefinder offset, is there an easy (constant) offset value for each robot or does it vary wit... Dan Shope

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