From 01/23/2010 to 02/21/2010


06:01 PM Revision 1645: created demos framework
05:46 PM Revision 1644: Shortened hunter-prey tag distance in john folder. Deleted unnecessary 500 ms delay.
John Sexton
04:46 PM Revision 1643: Added code to turn left and right instead of always turning one direction.
John Sexton
04:21 PM Task #1115 (Fixed): demos: makefile creation
Create a makefile to correctly compile the demos David Schultz
04:10 PM Revision 1642: wireless: test_xbee is good. Need to start testing wireless_send and wireless_rec...
David Schultz
12:13 PM Revision 1641: Deleted print statement.
John Sexton
12:03 PM Revision 1640: Added code to check BOTH encoders for Prey turning instead of just one.
John Sexton


09:45 PM Revision 1639
Alex Zirbel
09:37 PM Revision 1638: wireless: fixed API mode 1. Can now enter and exit API mode properly. Can also s...
David Schultz
08:49 PM Revision 1637: added robot testing code for IR data collection
Brad Neuman
08:46 PM Revision 1636: moved code into computer subdir
Brad Neuman
08:24 PM Revision 1635: Debugged circle.c so approaching works
Steve DeVincentis
07:34 PM Revision 1634: analog loop gone
A/D conversions now blocking
A/D clock sped up
Evan Mullinix


07:43 PM Revision 1633: wireless: more debugging trying to get API mode 1 to work. We seem to get into AP...
David Schultz
07:25 PM Revision 1632: Added #define to parameterize time to wait after TAG.
John Sexton


09:11 PM Revision 1631: fixed not compiling libwireless
David Schultz
09:09 PM Revision 1630: fixed not compiling libwireless
David Schultz
09:09 PM Revision 1629: fixed not compiling libwireless
David Schultz


10:04 PM Revision 1628: got the status flag masking to work. API mode still doesn't work
David Schultz
08:52 PM Revision 1627: More modifications to circle.c
Gautham Nagaraju
07:16 PM Revision 1626: Merged circle code and added comments
Gautham Nagaraju


10:19 PM Revision 1625: Got xbee interrupt to work in command mode (API mode 0 == off)
Still working on API mode 1 == ON David Schultz


08:51 PM Revision 1624: wl: update to unit tests, still doesn't work
David Schultz
08:50 PM Revision 1623: update to test cases in trunk
David Schultz


06:46 PM Revision 1622: New version of cicle_spacing. (It works now...). Before merging with circle.
Gautham Nagaraju


08:15 PM Revision 1621: Made Wireless_test compile and run. Report so far:
Initialization works.
Function registration works.
XBee functions fail (David is fixing this).
Sending packets in fas...
Ben Wasserman
07:28 PM Revision 1620: Cleaned up a few comments
Abraham Levkoy


06:48 PM Revision 1619: Added behavior for ACK groups, which is still undeveloped and should be ignored. T...
Ben Wasserman


05:21 PM Task #948 (Fixed): Wireless - receive functions
Abraham Levkoy

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