From 12/29/2009 to 01/27/2010


08:51 PM Revision 1624: wl: update to unit tests, still doesn't work
David Schultz
08:50 PM Revision 1623: update to test cases in trunk
David Schultz


06:46 PM Revision 1622: New version of cicle_spacing. (It works now...). Before merging with circle.
Gautham Nagaraju


08:15 PM Revision 1621: Made Wireless_test compile and run. Report so far:
Initialization works.
Function registration works.
XBee functions fail (David is fixing this).
Sending packets in fas...
Ben Wasserman
07:28 PM Revision 1620: Cleaned up a few comments
Abraham Levkoy


06:48 PM Revision 1619: Added behavior for ACK groups, which is still undeveloped and should be ignored. T...
Ben Wasserman


05:21 PM Task #948 (Fixed): Wireless - receive functions
Abraham Levkoy


10:42 PM Revision 1618: This code changed the way that the Edges move toward the Center bot, I stopped usi...
James Carroll


08:12 PM Revision 1617: wl: clean up unit tests
David Schultz
07:28 PM Revision 1616: wl: the library fully compiles with all functions written
David Schultz
07:08 PM Revision 1615: fixed references to handler array, wireless_receive compiles now
Chris Mar
07:03 PM Revision 1614: fixed handler array in wireless.c
Chris Mar


06:48 PM Revision 1613: I think this is John's code
Austin Buchan


03:40 PM Task #947: Wireless - send wrappers, high level secure ack behavior
The error in wl_send_global was fixed when David uploaded his fixes to the repository. High level ack functionality u... Ben Wasserman
09:12 PM Revision 1612: Updated basic receive function and wrote handler dispatch function. The latter doe...
Abraham Levkoy
08:22 PM Revision 1611: wl updates: compile issues; now finished (for now)
David Schultz
08:18 PM Revision 1610: Updated counting robots to work for circle formation. Movement is problematic.
Alex Zirbel
07:32 PM Revision 1609: wl updates: compile issues
David Schultz
07:01 PM Revision 1608: wl updates: compile issues
David Schultz


05:30 PM Task #947: Wireless - send wrappers, high level secure ack behavior
send_global needs one of the variables fixed (it sends to PAN not to GLOBAL). I'm aware, and just need to update the ... Ben Wasserman


10:09 PM Revision 1607: Added wrappers to wireless_send.c. Need double checking.
Ben Wasserman
09:37 PM Task #947: Wireless - send wrappers, high level secure ack behavior
Primarily done with send wrappers. Send Basic may require some examination. And all send wrappers need to be double c... Ben Wasserman


09:45 PM Revision 1606: Added diagnostic server stuff.
Emily Hart

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