From 12/06/2009 to 01/04/2010


09:45 PM Revision 1606: Added diagnostic server stuff.
Emily Hart


06:55 AM Task #964 (Feedback): investigate new AVR simulator?
Just posted on LadyADA:
Ryan Cahoon


12:53 AM Revision 1605
Ryan Cahoon


11:24 PM Task #950: Wireless - xbee.c
serial.c xbee functions moved to xbee.c
most of xbee.c has been reformatted to int8_t format, but still some parts l...
David Schultz
11:23 PM Task #946: Wireless - core send, ack functions
Software retry is programmed. Will likely need to be debugged. David Schultz
11:20 PM Revision 1604: wireless: software retransmit done. serial functions moved to xbee.c
David Schultz


11:08 AM Revision 1603: Small changes.. I definitely wouldn't use this for anything yet.
Justin Scheiner
11:01 AM Revision 1602: Added some test files for fixed point math.
Something definitely broke in cosine when I changed to smaller tables
(which shouldn't have sacrificed any accuracy)...
Justin Scheiner
05:22 AM Revision 1601: wireless: more xbee.c updates
David Schultz
01:43 AM Revision 1600: wireless: xbee update. still not finished, but the major changes are in here. Al...
David Schultz

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