From 11/19/2009 to 12/18/2009


06:55 AM Task #964 (Feedback): investigate new AVR simulator?
Just posted on LadyADA:
Ryan Cahoon


12:53 AM Revision 1605
Ryan Cahoon


11:24 PM Task #950: Wireless - xbee.c
serial.c xbee functions moved to xbee.c
most of xbee.c has been reformatted to int8_t format, but still some parts l...
David Schultz
11:23 PM Task #946: Wireless - core send, ack functions
Software retry is programmed. Will likely need to be debugged. David Schultz
11:20 PM Revision 1604: wireless: software retransmit done. serial functions moved to xbee.c
David Schultz


11:08 AM Revision 1603: Small changes.. I definitely wouldn't use this for anything yet.
Justin Scheiner
11:01 AM Revision 1602: Added some test files for fixed point math.
Something definitely broke in cosine when I changed to smaller tables
(which shouldn't have sacrificed any accuracy)...
Justin Scheiner
05:22 AM Revision 1601: wireless: more xbee.c updates
David Schultz
01:43 AM Revision 1600: wireless: xbee update. still not finished, but the major changes are in here. Al...
David Schultz


02:07 AM Task #946: Wireless - core send, ack functions
Core send has udp functionality and ack capabilities, but no software retry yet. David Schultz
02:05 AM Bug #960 (Assigned): xbee id
The xbee id should be set to the robot id (which is in the eeprom) on init.
The xbee currently just uses the last ...
David Schultz


02:18 PM Revision 1599: Added rangefinders directory to tools.
Added new software for basic analysis of IR data to be used with the IRcycle.c tool. Native Windows build only for th... Dan Shope
08:11 PM Revision 1598: implemented wireless init, terminate, register, and unregister
Chris Mar
07:45 PM Revision 1597: Getting versions of circle.c in sync
Alex Zirbel
07:34 PM Revision 1596: Added comments and minor changes to circle.c
Alex Zirbel
07:17 PM Revision 1595: Removing the old circle-circle2 versions of the code (2)
Alex Zirbel
07:16 PM Revision 1594: Removing the old circle-circle2 versions of the code
Alex Zirbel


06:38 PM Revision 1593: removed .a library files from the repository. These will be automatically generate...
Brad Neuman
06:29 PM Revision 1592: Included working functionality for Beacon to get acks from each robot.
Steve DeVincentis
04:59 PM Revision 1591: wireless: update to the receive buffers
David Schultz
12:26 AM Revision 1590: wireless: changed packet handler function notation
David Schultz


09:46 PM Revision 1589: Wrote basic receive function in wireless_receive.c. Added an error code for
having too short of a packet destination for basic receive function (maybe can
also be used by other packet handlers)...
Abraham Levkoy
07:53 PM Revision 1588: wireless: added define for basic group
David Schultz
07:23 PM Revision 1587: wireless: core send function and ack function done
David Schultz


02:56 AM Revision 1586: Implementation of exponential. Not tested, don't even know if it works at all.
Justin Scheiner


12:57 PM Enhancement #856 (Fixed): Makefile Update
David Schultz
12:54 PM Task #950 (Assigned): Wireless - xbee.c
integrate serial.c xbee functions into xbee.c, clean up file David Schultz
12:53 PM Task #949 (Fixed): Wireless - common functions
init, terminate, packet group handler registration David Schultz
12:52 PM Task #948 (Fixed): Wireless - receive functions
David Schultz
12:47 PM Task #947 (Fixed): Wireless - send wrappers, high level secure ack behavior
David Schultz
12:46 PM Task #946 (Assigned): Wireless - core send, ack functions
David Schultz
12:44 PM Enhancement #925: xbee baud rates
Got baud rate switch to work for 115200 baud. It should work for the other standard baud rates, but hasn't been test... David Schultz


01:33 PM Revision 1585: Cut the trig table sizes in 4 w/ symmetry, etc.
Lazy implementations of sine and tangent (that just
use cosine indirectly).
Addressed edge cases.
Needs EXTENSIVE t...
Justin Scheiner
11:10 PM Revision 1584: wireless branch, doxygen fix
David Schultz
08:48 PM Revision 1583: corrected doxygen issue in wireless branch
David Schultz


05:50 PM Revision 1582: Clarified description of the usrBOMvals variable for the bom_get_vector() funcions.
John Sexton
12:49 PM Revision 1581: editing wireless branch, added error codes and constants
David Schultz
09:22 PM Revision 1580: Tried to use bom_get_vector instead of bom_get_max.
It works for the master (still need works), not for the slave (still need to figure out why) Gautham Nagaraju


06:02 PM Revision 1579: Initial pass at a 32-bit fixed point library.
- Generated cosine / sine tables, put them in PROGMEM
- Wrote initial quadratic interpolation cosine function.
Justin Scheiner


10:05 PM Revision 1578: added doxygen info for wireless branch
David Schultz
07:44 PM Revision 1577: update to wireless api, added comments
David Schultz


04:03 AM Revision 1576: added prototypes for the public api functions for the new wireless library
David Schultz
03:20 AM Revision 1575: creating backup of libwireless in wireless branch
David Schultz
02:19 AM Revision 1574: Working scheduler.
Booyakasha. Justin Scheiner

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