From 10/07/2009 to 11/05/2009


02:45 PM Revision 1480: program makefile can now autobuild the library
David Schultz
02:24 PM Enhancement #856: Makefile Update
Added ability to rebuild the library automatically if it is ever updated, or you can force the rebuild of the library... David Schultz
01:17 AM Revision 1479: Set up scheduler.c/.h files with headers comments.
John Sexton
12:49 AM Revision 1478: Collecting necessary files to begin developing timer-based analog
scheduling. John Sexton
12:45 AM Revision 1477: Collecting necessary files to begin developing timer-based analog scheduling.
John Sexton


11:19 PM Enhancement #856: Makefile Update
Done for makefile in trunk/code/projects/test
If this works for everyone, we can change all the makefiles.
David Schultz
09:55 PM Revision 1476: test of consolidating makefile
David Schultz
08:53 PM Revision 1475: linearize_distance() uses new LUT mapped for (4-30cm) rangefinders. Accuracy +/- 1...
Dan Shope


05:35 PM Revision 1474: Updated charging station for mechanical corral, added filter to air vent, updated ...
Dan Shope


04:58 PM Enhancement #856 (Fixed): Makefile Update
Strip out common Makefile configs and put into top level Makefile
Individual makefiles should include this top level...
Dan Shope
03:41 PM Bug #852 (Assigned): Xbee Documentation
Make a page on wiki w/ Xbee setup/config commands
Link to PDF
Dan Shope
03:28 AM Revision 1473: another RAM check update
David Schultz
03:24 AM Revision 1472: updating RAM check to work with linux
David Schultz
03:20 AM Revision 1471: another modification to the RAM check
David Schultz
10:07 PM Revision 1470: New:
-Charging Station intial Design
-Added wiring route beside battery
-Updated battery support access holes
Dan Shope


12:26 AM Revision 1469: Tried to get it to work to no avail. Various small changes.
Abraham Levkoy
08:45 PM Revision 1468: updated checksize in makefile
David Schultz


04:38 PM Revision 1467: ref seems to work if everyone behaves
Brad Neuman
03:58 PM Revision 1466: started on the ref bot, added some error checking to the testbench
setting the channel doesnt seem to work, so everyone will have to use C Brad Neuman


02:18 AM Revision 1465: Added RAM size check to makefile for unit tests
David Schultz
09:13 PM Revision 1464: Started work on reference bot
Abraham Levkoy


12:07 AM Revision 1463: forgot to add test_initx.c
Brad Neuman
11:20 PM Revision 1462: moved dragonfly definitions to separate header file
David Schultz


05:02 PM Task #724 (Fixed): Remove function inlining TODO tags from wireless library
David Schultz
11:01 PM Revision 1461: updated all the library code to have sensible _init behavior.
Almost all of the library components have a global variable which gets set after init and the functions inside will f... Brad Neuman


01:19 PM Revision 1460: put lcd and rangefinder lookup tables into program space
removed TODO inline comments from wireless library David Schultz
01:49 AM Bug #790: XBee/Wireless Initialization
xbee_init() turns on the transmitter and receiver on the xbee and resets the baud rate.
xbee_lib_init() cycles the x...
David Schultz
12:58 AM Enhancement #798: get all the library inti's and functions to behave
Multiple xbee init works if you call terminate at end of use before initing again. Otherwise it will get stuck in an... David Schultz
08:18 PM Enhancement #798: get all the library inti's and functions to behave
cant do analog8 or analog10 either, need to think about these Brad Neuman


07:53 PM Enhancement #798: get all the library inti's and functions to behave
can't fix:
Also, need to get orbs working and then have buzzer / orbs fail if hte other is inited
Brad Neuman
07:09 PM Enhancement #798: get all the library inti's and functions to behave
not doing lcd, since we don't have one Brad Neuman
07:08 PM Enhancement #798: get all the library inti's and functions to behave
Still need to deal with orbs, they are complicated because there are multiple init states.
Also, need to figure ou...
Brad Neuman
07:08 PM Enhancement #798 (Assigned): get all the library inti's and functions to behave
multiple init calls should not cause undefined behavior Brad Neuman
07:02 PM Bug #797 (Wontfix): rename motor.h
eveyr library file should be called x.c and the init should be x_init, but motor.c has motors_init Brad Neuman
05:33 PM Revision 1459: Updated design:
larger wire passageway
PCB now 3.5x4.75" large
Front Cover for PCB
Minor chassis tweaks
Dan Shope
05:12 AM Revision 1458: Fixed tabbing/spacing issue
Ryan Cahoon
05:10 AM Revision 1457
Ryan Cahoon
05:08 AM Revision 1456
Ryan Cahoon


06:33 PM Revision 1455
Dan Shope
09:38 PM Bug #790 (Assigned): XBee/Wireless Initialization
XBee and Wireless Init functions seem to conflict. dragonfly_init() appears to call xbee_init() [found in serial.c in... John Sexton


11:09 PM Revision 1454: Uploaded main.c file in templates for the analog clock prescalar test.
James Kong
08:44 PM Revision 1453: fixed some testbench bugs, added command line argument to specify wireless channel...
Brad Neuman
08:30 PM Revision 1452: update of includes in library, removed unnecessary calls to stdlib.h
David Schultz
08:17 PM Revision 1451: added wait for keypress after each test
Brad Neuman


06:50 PM Revision 1450: branched analog
James Kong
06:50 PM Revision 1449: deleted analog/code folder
James Kong
06:48 PM Revision 1448: Created analog folder in branches
James Kong
06:12 PM Revision 1447: fixed testbench, now it works!
also fixed hunter prey reference to allow packet type of 42, but there is still a bug in the reference WRT the latest... Brad Neuman
04:35 PM Revision 1446: Removed hunter_prey.c from the testbecnh directory so it wouldn't try to compile f...
Brad Neuman
12:29 AM Revision 1445: Bug fix with new BOM code
Ryan Cahoon
10:45 PM Revision 1444: committed using svnmucc
Ryan Cahoon
09:36 PM Revision 1443: 1. Alpha code to trigger the new wireless bootloader from the user program. Not te...
Includes subroutine in the XBee library to reset the XBee's settings
2. New subroutine in the BOM library to more ac...
Ryan Cahoon


08:57 PM Revision 1442: Added fflush(stdout)'s
Abraham Levkoy
08:45 PM Revision 1441: Testbench compiles now
Abraham Levkoy
08:34 PM Revision 1440: Changed include of wireless.h to relative path to fix testbench
Abraham Levkoy
08:13 PM Revision 1439: Changed wireless include from automatic to relative path name.
Abraham Levkoy


07:57 PM Revision 1438: Finished writing testbench for checkpoint 1.
Note: This does not compile yet due to our incompetence. Abraham Levkoy
07:12 PM Revision 1437: updated xbee test - fixed xbee_init issue
David Schultz
07:03 PM Revision 1436: updated wireless library
David Schultz
07:02 PM Revision 1435: added function to exit api mode on termination
David Schultz
12:40 AM Bug #480 (Worksforme): XBee dongle: undefined output after 0
I don't seem to have this problem. sending packet 0 1 0 3 4 0 6 7 8 0 10 11 12 13 0 15 17 (for example) is received p... Ryan Cahoon


05:22 PM Revision 1434: Wrote first test for first checkpoint
Abraham Levkoy
04:07 PM Revision 1433: Began creating testbench for Lab 2's first checkpoint.
Abraham Levkoy


10:28 PM Task #724 (Fixed): Remove function inlining TODO tags from wireless library
Revision 1430 removed comments from xbee.c stating:
//TODO: this function is so simple, it *may* be beneficial to in...
Ryan Cahoon


01:09 PM Bug #718: buy rangefinders
$10.79 ea @ qty 10 price break
Jimmy Bourne
01:04 PM Bug #718 (Fixed): buy rangefinders
pn#: 2D120x
Jimmy Bourne
08:45 PM Revision 1432: test_xbee - checks address of xbee
David Schultz


09:58 PM Bug #715 (Duplicate): Investigate XBee's on Bots 4 and 6
Programs hang on call to wl_basic_do_default() Chris Mar


07:42 PM Bug #625 (Fixed): Flaky Encoders on Bot 7
Jimmy Bourne
07:41 PM Bug #624 (Fixed): Flaky Left Encoder on Bot 14
Jimmy Bourne

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