From 09/08/2009 to 10/07/2009


07:11 PM Revision 1431: seperated out hunter_prey tag function
Brad Neuman


08:07 PM Revision 1430: removed several TODO comments.
attempting to inline simple functions does not reduce compiled code size David Schultz


07:31 PM Revision 1429: updated library binaries and included header files
David Schultz


04:37 AM Revision 1428: Add new bootloader prototype supporting wireless programming
Ryan Cahoon


12:57 PM Revision 1427: updated wl_basic code, docs, and test. it's ready to go.
Chris Mar


06:47 PM Revision 1426: Fixes #622.
encoders.h is not included in dragonfly_lib.h and encoders_init() is called within dragonfly_init(). Rich Hong
12:17 PM Revision 1425: updated wireless basic library code and docs
Chris Mar
10:37 PM Revision 1424: Includes working naive version of Target Practice
John Sexton


06:53 PM Revision 1423: Renamed code folder for bot being tested to testBot.
John Sexton
06:51 PM Revision 1422: Added BOM test code for general use.
John Sexton
06:45 PM Revision 1421: Lowered the initial wait time for the target bot.
John Sexton
06:27 PM Revision 1420: Updated code for testing BOMs. Added rudimentary diagram for analysis.
John Sexton
04:11 PM Revision 1419: Added a folder for developing Target Practice Demo.
John Sexton
08:38 PM Revision 1418: Added encoder_get_x and encoder_get_v.
use get_v at your own risk
If encoder_read returns -1, this usually means battery is low.
If encoder_read returns a v...
Rich Hong


06:06 PM Revision 1417: fixed doxygen to call bom refresh
Evan Mullinix


10:50 PM Revision 1416: Updated library binaries.
Emily Hart


03:56 PM Revision 1415: Removed while(1) to allow looping through different tests.
Abraham Levkoy
03:35 PM Revision 1414: Changed rangefinder unit test to use all orbs and not take forever.
Abraham Levkoy


04:36 PM Revision 1413: uses left and right motor in motor test instead of motor1 and motor2
Evan Mullinix
03:59 PM Revision 1412: motor 1 and motor 2 changed to motor L and motor R
Evan Mullinix
12:56 AM Revision 1411: Hunter-prey works! its a decent proof of concept but could use improvement
using robots Edgar (3), 7, 5 Brad Neuman
12:03 AM Revision 1410: Hunter-prey sort of works!
Brad Neuman
10:43 PM Revision 1409: Changed BOM threshold to 120, seems to be helping for some robot and causing probl...
hunter-prey is done except the hunting part Brad Neuman


07:39 PM Revision 1408: behavior without BOM seems to be working
Brad Neuman
10:41 PM Revision 1407: Deleted the analog branch.
James Kong
10:31 PM Revision 1406: Merged analog and bom changes from analog branch. Tested and working. Fixes #560
James Kong
08:10 PM Revision 1405: clean up test_dio.c compile errors
Evan Mullinix


07:46 PM Revision 1404: Fixed some Doxygen issues. Docs still need to be compiled, though
Nico Paris
07:22 PM Revision 1403: unit test created for buttons
Evan Mullinix
07:03 PM Revision 1402: test incorporates motors_off
Evan Mullinix
05:06 PM Revision 1401: Tested rangefinders to see if they are #define'd correctly. See data/rangefinder f...
Abraham Levkoy
05:05 PM Revision 1400: Added rangefinder #define-correctness test data.
Abraham Levkoy
08:33 PM Revision 1399: adding source.html doxygen files to repo (created by new Doxyfile)
Chris Mar
08:07 PM Revision 1398: recompiled libdragonfly to include new rangefinder doxygen comments
Chris Mar
08:04 PM Revision 1397: recompiled wireless library binary to include default packet handling in wl_basic
Chris Mar
08:04 PM Revision 1396: updated wl_basic with default packet handling
Chris Mar
08:03 PM Revision 1395: updated wireless docs
Chris Mar


07:56 PM Revision 1394: changed template main to use new basic wireless
Chris Mar
07:55 PM Revision 1393: added wireless test to unit test framework
Chris Mar
07:05 PM Revision 1392: Minor documentation improvements
Martin Herrmann
03:18 AM Revision 1391: Revised analog.
James Kong

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