From 09/02/2009 to 10/01/2009


08:07 PM Revision 1430: removed several TODO comments.
attempting to inline simple functions does not reduce compiled code size David Schultz


07:31 PM Revision 1429: updated library binaries and included header files
David Schultz


04:54 AM Enhancement #323 (Fixed): Wireless bootloading
Prototype code added in SVN revision 1428. New bootloader code supports both wired and wireless programming. Requires... Ryan Cahoon
04:37 AM Revision 1428: Add new bootloader prototype supporting wireless programming
Ryan Cahoon


11:08 AM Task #390: Investigate how to use the JTAG ICE
Meant to mark as tabled, my mistake. Nico Paris
11:04 AM Task #390 (Feedback): Investigate how to use the JTAG ICE
Why is this wontfix? I would like to see someone learn how to use it at some point. Rich Hong
09:11 PM Task #390 (Wontfix): Investigate how to use the JTAG ICE
Nico Paris


12:57 PM Revision 1427: updated wl_basic code, docs, and test. it's ready to go.
Chris Mar


07:19 PM Bug #625 (Fixed): Flaky Encoders on Bot 7
Both Encoders on Bot 7 return 1025, unless they are manually pulled away from the center of the bot. Rich suggests ad... John Sexton
07:10 PM Bug #624 (Fixed): Flaky Left Encoder on Bot 14
Bot 14 keeps retuning 1025 on Rich's encoder unit test. Rich says this is because the magnet is getting to close to t... John Sexton


06:47 PM Bug #622 (Fixed): Update dragonfly_init & dragonfly_lib.h
Applied in changeset r1426. Rich Hong
05:32 AM Bug #622 (Fixed): Update dragonfly_init & dragonfly_lib.h
To use the encoders library, you currently must
#include <encoders.h>
and manually call
Dan Shope
06:47 PM Revision 1426: Fixes #622.
encoders.h is not included in dragonfly_lib.h and encoders_init() is called within dragonfly_init(). Rich Hong
12:17 PM Revision 1425: updated wireless basic library code and docs
Chris Mar
10:37 PM Revision 1424: Includes working naive version of Target Practice
John Sexton


06:53 PM Revision 1423: Renamed code folder for bot being tested to testBot.
John Sexton
06:51 PM Revision 1422: Added BOM test code for general use.
John Sexton
06:45 PM Revision 1421: Lowered the initial wait time for the target bot.
John Sexton
06:27 PM Revision 1420: Updated code for testing BOMs. Added rudimentary diagram for analysis.
John Sexton
04:11 PM Revision 1419: Added a folder for developing Target Practice Demo.
John Sexton
08:38 PM Revision 1418: Added encoder_get_x and encoder_get_v.
use get_v at your own risk
If encoder_read returns -1, this usually means battery is low.
If encoder_read returns a v...
Rich Hong


06:06 PM Revision 1417: fixed doxygen to call bom refresh
Evan Mullinix


10:50 PM Revision 1416: Updated library binaries.
Emily Hart


03:56 PM Revision 1415: Removed while(1) to allow looping through different tests.
Abraham Levkoy
03:35 PM Revision 1414: Changed rangefinder unit test to use all orbs and not take forever.
Abraham Levkoy


04:36 PM Revision 1413: uses left and right motor in motor test instead of motor1 and motor2
Evan Mullinix
03:59 PM Revision 1412: motor 1 and motor 2 changed to motor L and motor R
Evan Mullinix
12:56 AM Revision 1411: Hunter-prey works! its a decent proof of concept but could use improvement
using robots Edgar (3), 7, 5 Brad Neuman
12:03 AM Revision 1410: Hunter-prey sort of works!
Brad Neuman
11:20 PM Enhancement #579 (Wontfix): better naming for BOM numbers
Use the compass convention (N, NE, NNE), etc Brad Neuman
10:43 PM Revision 1409: Changed BOM threshold to 120, seems to be helping for some robot and causing probl...
hunter-prey is done except the hunting part Brad Neuman
09:40 PM Enhancement #578 (Wontfix): usb_put* function with fixed width
like %3d so we can have nicely outputted columns of data Brad Neuman
09:22 PM Enhancement #577 (Assigned): Improve library error codes
Each library function should check a global value to see if the library is properly init'd, if not it should return a... Brad Neuman
09:19 PM Enhancement #576 (Wontfix): BOM calibration
Consider a mode which (perhaps when button 2 is held during dragonfly_init) calibrates the bom assuming it is in nois... Brad Neuman
08:20 PM Bug #575 (Assigned): Battery Level Indicator
Make an battery level indicator behavior using the orbs Austin Buchan


07:39 PM Revision 1408: behavior without BOM seems to be working
Brad Neuman
04:54 PM Task #490 (Fixed): Spec out new wheels for the robot
this was bought and installed a while ago. Jimmy Bourne
04:53 PM Bug #563 (Fixed): Buy a Xbee programmer
Jimmy Bourne
04:53 PM Bug #557 (Fixed): Batteries
Jimmy Bourne
04:52 PM Bug #558 (Fixed): USB Cables
Jimmy Bourne
10:41 PM Revision 1407: Deleted the analog branch.
James Kong
10:32 PM Bug #560 (Fixed): BOM and rangefinder donot work together
Tested and merged. James Kong
10:31 PM Revision 1406: Merged analog and bom changes from analog branch. Tested and working. Fixes #560
James Kong
10:30 PM Task #352 (Wontfix): Research alternatives for xbee dongles
Did some initial research a while back (4 months ago). Nothing really out there that looks supported. James Kong
08:10 PM Revision 1405: clean up test_dio.c compile errors
Evan Mullinix


07:46 PM Revision 1404: Fixed some Doxygen issues. Docs still need to be compiled, though
Nico Paris
07:22 PM Revision 1403: unit test created for buttons
Evan Mullinix
07:03 PM Revision 1402: test incorporates motors_off
Evan Mullinix
05:06 PM Revision 1401: Tested rangefinders to see if they are #define'd correctly. See data/rangefinder f...
Abraham Levkoy
05:05 PM Revision 1400: Added rangefinder #define-correctness test data.
Abraham Levkoy
08:33 PM Revision 1399: adding source.html doxygen files to repo (created by new Doxyfile)
Chris Mar
08:07 PM Revision 1398: recompiled libdragonfly to include new rangefinder doxygen comments
Chris Mar
08:04 PM Revision 1397: recompiled wireless library binary to include default packet handling in wl_basic
Chris Mar
08:04 PM Revision 1396: updated wl_basic with default packet handling
Chris Mar
08:03 PM Revision 1395: updated wireless docs
Chris Mar


07:56 PM Revision 1394: changed template main to use new basic wireless
Chris Mar
07:55 PM Revision 1393: added wireless test to unit test framework
Chris Mar
07:05 PM Revision 1392: Minor documentation improvements
Martin Herrmann
03:18 AM Revision 1391: Revised analog.
James Kong
10:19 PM Task #570 (Fixed): avrdude port detection
Applied in changeset r1390. Rich Hong
10:04 PM Task #570: avrdude port detection
One line bash to update all Makefile.
for file in `find . -name Makefile | grep -v " "`; do; sed -E 's/^AVRDUDE_PORT...
Rich Hong
09:40 PM Task #570 (Fixed): avrdude port detection
Change all Makefiles (that program robots) in the repo to use avrdude port detection (com4 vs /dev/ttyUSB0). Chris Mar
10:19 PM Revision 1390: fixes #570 avrdude port detection
Rich Hong
09:58 PM Bug #571 (Wontfix): Remove spaces in repository
Files should not have spaces in them.
"homing stop" should be renamed to "homing_stop"
Rich Hong
09:19 PM Task #569 (Invalid): comment eeprom.c
Brad Neuman
08:51 PM Revision 1389: Encoders unit test
Rich Hong
08:47 PM Revision 1388: Completed iterative test of functions in lights.h (aka LIGHT SHOW!)
Currently using orb_n_set and orb_n_set_color with indexing from 1. This breaks orb_n_set and orb_n_set_color as they... Nico Paris
08:41 PM Bug #559 (Fixed): Mr. Bickles' left encoder is misaligned
Jimmy Bourne


07:59 PM Revision 1387: Changed analog to support status checking. Updated bom_refresh to use it.
James Kong
07:52 PM Enhancement #386 (Wontfix): ticket reminder
Just train people to actually do their tickets instead. Kevin Woo
07:50 PM Bug #509 (Fixed): Fix doxygen links
We weren't generating sources. I changed the doxygen config file so that it will generate them. Works now. Kevin Woo
07:42 PM Revision 1386: Turned on source browsing. This might fix our problems.
Kevin Woo
07:25 PM Revision 1385: Updated and removed deprecated doxygen stuff from the doxygen config file.
Kevin Woo


07:52 PM Revision 1384: Added bug comment on how analog loop works.
James Kong
11:23 PM Bug #509: Fix doxygen links
Linking to related functions seems to be broken across more than just that list, seems like a global thing. The newer... Kevin Woo


05:21 PM Bug #563 (Fixed): Buy a Xbee programmer
Jimmy Bourne
05:12 PM Bug #562 (Duplicate): Fix init functions
Jimmy Bourne
03:57 PM Revision 1383: Updated function name in test_rangefinder.c to comply with naming standard.
Abraham Levkoy
03:42 PM Revision 1382: Created rangefinder unit test.
Abraham Levkoy
02:53 PM Revision 1381: Changed name of rangefinder test to reflect name of rangefinder module. Updated ma...
Abraham Levkoy
01:17 PM Revision 1380: fixed doxygen problems in wireless library, added new docs
Chris Mar
01:03 PM Revision 1379: adding wireless abstraction for high level packet sending and receiving
Chris Mar
12:55 PM Revision 1378: Modified bom_refresh() to check analog_loop_running()
James Kong
12:54 PM Revision 1377: usb tutorial
David Schultz
12:47 PM Revision 1376: Branched changes to analog: loop_running, stop_loop
James Kong
12:46 PM Revision 1375: added analog branch
James Kong
09:50 PM Bug #558: USB Cables
We currently have 6. 9 more? $3 a piece Jimmy Bourne
09:36 PM Bug #557: Batteries
I hate to say this, but I have been unable to find an alternate supplier for these batteries. Do we usually have them... Jimmy Bourne
08:32 PM Revision 1374: still buggy with analog_init
Brad Neuman
08:27 PM Bug #560 (Fixed): BOM and rangefinder donot work together
I suspect this is due to a problem with analog8
I also noticed that the bom_refresh() function always re-starts th...
Brad Neuman
08:02 PM Revision 1373: Added hunter-prey WIP code. There is a bug with using BOM and rangefinder
Brad Neuman


01:12 AM Revision 1372: Moved prototype for linearize_distance and constants MIN_IR_ADC8 and
MAX_IR_ADC8 from rangefinder.c to rangefinder.h. Added Doxy comments for these
items. Realize that linearize_distance...
Abraham Levkoy
11:37 PM Revision 1371: Remove some unused code in encoders
Also update binary and docs Rich Hong
10:34 PM Bug #559: Mr. Bickles' left encoder is misaligned
Bot 16 Rich Hong
10:34 PM Bug #559 (Fixed): Mr. Bickles' left encoder is misaligned
Rich Hong
10:04 PM Revision 1370: documentation fix
David Schultz
08:24 PM Bug #558 (Fixed): USB Cables
buy them Austin Buchan
08:24 PM Bug #557 (Fixed): Batteries
buy them Austin Buchan
08:14 PM Revision 1369: updated unit test of motors
Evan Mullinix


07:38 PM Revision 1368: test of usb read/write functions is successful
David Schultz
07:37 PM Revision 1367: Matched this main.c to /trunk/code/projects/test/main.c
Nico Paris
07:33 PM Revision 1366: Changed all tests and main.c to copies of those in trunk/code/projects/test
Nico Paris

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