From 08/22/2009 to 09/20/2009


06:47 PM Bug #622 (Fixed): Update dragonfly_init & dragonfly_lib.h
Applied in changeset r1426. Rich Hong
05:32 AM Bug #622 (Fixed): Update dragonfly_init & dragonfly_lib.h
To use the encoders library, you currently must
#include <encoders.h>
and manually call
Dan Shope


11:20 PM Enhancement #579 (Wontfix): better naming for BOM numbers
Use the compass convention (N, NE, NNE), etc Brad Neuman
09:40 PM Enhancement #578 (Wontfix): usb_put* function with fixed width
like %3d so we can have nicely outputted columns of data Brad Neuman
09:22 PM Enhancement #577 (Assigned): Improve library error codes
Each library function should check a global value to see if the library is properly init'd, if not it should return a... Brad Neuman
09:19 PM Enhancement #576 (Wontfix): BOM calibration
Consider a mode which (perhaps when button 2 is held during dragonfly_init) calibrates the bom assuming it is in nois... Brad Neuman
08:20 PM Bug #575 (Assigned): Battery Level Indicator
Make an battery level indicator behavior using the orbs Austin Buchan


04:54 PM Task #490 (Fixed): Spec out new wheels for the robot
this was bought and installed a while ago. Jimmy Bourne
04:53 PM Bug #563 (Fixed): Buy a Xbee programmer
Jimmy Bourne
04:53 PM Bug #557 (Fixed): Batteries
Jimmy Bourne
04:52 PM Bug #558 (Fixed): USB Cables
Jimmy Bourne
10:32 PM Bug #560 (Fixed): BOM and rangefinder donot work together
Tested and merged. James Kong
10:30 PM Task #352 (Wontfix): Research alternatives for xbee dongles
Did some initial research a while back (4 months ago). Nothing really out there that looks supported. James Kong


10:19 PM Task #570 (Fixed): avrdude port detection
Applied in changeset r1390. Rich Hong
10:04 PM Task #570: avrdude port detection
One line bash to update all Makefile.
for file in `find . -name Makefile | grep -v " "`; do; sed -E 's/^AVRDUDE_PORT...
Rich Hong
09:40 PM Task #570 (Fixed): avrdude port detection
Change all Makefiles (that program robots) in the repo to use avrdude port detection (com4 vs /dev/ttyUSB0). Chris Mar
09:58 PM Bug #571 (Wontfix): Remove spaces in repository
Files should not have spaces in them.
"homing stop" should be renamed to "homing_stop"
Rich Hong
09:19 PM Task #569 (Invalid): comment eeprom.c
Brad Neuman
08:41 PM Bug #559 (Fixed): Mr. Bickles' left encoder is misaligned
Jimmy Bourne


07:52 PM Enhancement #386 (Wontfix): ticket reminder
Just train people to actually do their tickets instead. Kevin Woo
07:50 PM Bug #509 (Fixed): Fix doxygen links
We weren't generating sources. I changed the doxygen config file so that it will generate them. Works now. Kevin Woo


11:23 PM Bug #509: Fix doxygen links
Linking to related functions seems to be broken across more than just that list, seems like a global thing. The newer... Kevin Woo


05:21 PM Bug #563 (Fixed): Buy a Xbee programmer
Jimmy Bourne
05:12 PM Bug #562 (Duplicate): Fix init functions
Jimmy Bourne
09:50 PM Bug #558: USB Cables
We currently have 6. 9 more? $3 a piece Jimmy Bourne
09:36 PM Bug #557: Batteries
I hate to say this, but I have been unable to find an alternate supplier for these batteries. Do we usually have them... Jimmy Bourne
08:27 PM Bug #560 (Fixed): BOM and rangefinder donot work together
I suspect this is due to a problem with analog8
I also noticed that the bom_refresh() function always re-starts th...
Brad Neuman


10:34 PM Bug #559: Mr. Bickles' left encoder is misaligned
Bot 16 Rich Hong
10:34 PM Bug #559 (Fixed): Mr. Bickles' left encoder is misaligned
Rich Hong
08:24 PM Bug #558 (Fixed): USB Cables
buy them Austin Buchan
08:24 PM Bug #557 (Fixed): Batteries
buy them Austin Buchan


09:00 PM Enhancement #194 (Wontfix): improve lcd.c
Austin Buchan
09:00 PM Enhancement #190 (Wontfix): fix buzzer.c
Austin Buchan

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