From 04/05/2009 to 05/04/2009


05:06 PM Bug #491 (Worksforme): ADC ref voltage issue with range finders
we run at 3.3V, rangefinders at botrics Kevin Woo
05:02 PM Task #490 (Fixed): Spec out new wheels for the robot
They don't make the old ones anymore. Kevin Woo


11:11 AM Bug #480 (Worksforme): XBee dongle: undefined output after 0
When a packet containing a zero byte is received, random data may be output by the dongle. The problem does not seem ... Martin Herrmann


04:58 PM Enhancement #470 (Wontfix): Simulator Ideas
* Speed up button
* Save configuration (position of robots, etc...)
* Spawn same robot again
* Debugging interface...
Rich Hong


10:47 AM Enhancement #323: Wireless bootloading
The sparkfun method uses a custommized windows program to do it. They could not get it to work with avrdude. Also, th... Kevin Woo


09:45 PM Enhancement #195: improve lights.c
Martin Herrmann wrote:
* Maximum CPU usage: <0.8%
* Longest synchronized block: 30us
Work left to do:
* Merge t...
Martin Herrmann
09:44 PM Enhancement #195: improve lights.c
Maximum CPU usage: <0.8%
Longest synchronized block: 30us
Martin Herrmann


12:29 AM Enhancement #456: Investigate Encoder Code
I had problems last time I used the encoders library.
I tried running both motors at a fixed speed and varying tha...
Rich Hong
11:41 PM Enhancement #456 (Wontfix): Investigate Encoder Code
Look into fixing encoder code for the robots. Attempt to reduce from 50% CPU usage time. John Sexton


04:12 PM Task #449 (Fixed): buy electrical tape
Wrong project. Also already bought. James Kong
11:28 AM Task #449: buy electrical tape
we don't have any* Jimmy Bourne
11:28 AM Task #449 (Fixed): buy electrical tape
wont dont have any.
mcmaster pn# 7619A11
QTY: 20
Jimmy Bourne
04:12 PM Task #448 (Fixed): Buy cord reel
Wrong project. Also already bought. James Kong
10:50 AM Task #448 (Fixed): Buy cord reel
to replace the broken one in the shop
mcmaster pn# 7016K71
Jimmy Bourne


06:39 PM Enhancement #447 (Wontfix): add debugging support in simulator
the robot shared state should contain a file pointer to write all usb_put* output to. Currently it all goes to stdio,... Brad Neuman
05:13 PM Enhancement #367 (Fixed): Prevent loading of non robot code into the simulator
Chris Mar
05:12 PM Task #446 (Wontfix): Implement the BOM in the Simulator
Kevin Woo
05:09 PM Task #348: Manage Robots through GUI
- Deleting robots
- Adding more robots w/o finding the executable
- Selecting multiple robots
- Save robo...
Chris Mar
05:05 PM Task #445 (Wontfix): Test Orb Driver Code
In library_refactor Kevin Woo
05:04 PM Task #242 (Fixed): LCD module
Chris Mar


11:41 PM Task #341 (Worksforme): Mimic BOM LED Circuit for Diagnostic Station
John Sexton
11:40 PM Task #344 (Worksforme): Construct New LED Circuit to Mimic IR LED Current on BOM Boards
John Sexton

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