From 03/25/2009 to 04/23/2009


07:31 PM Revision 1191: move spline slave to sub-directory and update encoder_get_v function
Rich Hong
06:54 PM Revision 1190: create spline behavior for controls project
Rich Hong
01:28 AM Revision 1189: Eliminated stationCode folder by merging necessary components into station folder.
John Sexton
11:46 PM Revision 1188: Changed Makefile target name to target
Martin Herrmann
11:45 PM Revision 1187: Added multiple main functions hack
Martin Herrmann
10:32 PM Revision 1186: Added atomic.h
Martin Herrmann
10:30 PM Revision 1185: Server communication: basic message processing
Martin Herrmann
10:23 PM Revision 1184: Able to read and draw circles in the environment
Rich Hong
09:59 PM Revision 1183: Added individual hardware component files
Martin Herrmann
09:43 PM Revision 1182: Made filenames more consistent
Made function names more consistent
Introduced separate functions for hardware components
Martin Herrmann


06:30 PM Revision 1181: Made it compile again
Martin Herrmann
04:58 PM Enhancement #470 (Wontfix): Simulator Ideas
* Speed up button
* Save configuration (position of robots, etc...)
* Spawn same robot again
* Debugging interface...
Rich Hong
04:57 PM Revision 1180: Hopefully final fix for circles
Nico Paris
04:56 PM Revision 1179: Paren fixes for circles
Nico Paris
04:54 PM Revision 1178: More fixes
Nico Paris
04:53 PM Revision 1177: Even more updates to circles
Nico Paris
04:51 PM Revision 1176: More fixes for circles
Nico Paris
04:49 PM Revision 1175: Hopefully unbroke simulator with circles
Nico Paris
04:46 PM Revision 1174: Commented out code that broke simulator
Nico Paris
04:43 PM Revision 1173: Added circle collisions
Nico Paris
04:42 PM Revision 1172: Added circle collisions
Nico Paris
10:30 PM Revision 1171: Started work on server communication code
Martin Herrmann
10:03 PM Revision 1170: added read encoders command
Evan Mullinix
09:51 PM Revision 1169: Added server_comm.c/server_comm.h
Added tests.c/tests.h Martin Herrmann
09:37 PM Revision 1168: Encoder code added, tested, works. There are 720 ticks per dyno shaft revolution.
Austin Buchan
09:17 PM Revision 1167: added encoder read command for station
Evan Mullinix
09:01 PM Revision 1166: Added # to the beginning of every USB output line, as it should not be interpreted...
Martin Herrmann
08:50 PM Revision 1165: Removed UI/, it has been merged into station/main
Martin Herrmann
08:42 PM Revision 1164: Added message_set_motors_time
Added message_set_motors_off Martin Herrmann


05:58 PM Revision 1163: fixed compiler warnings by including library files
David Schultz
04:57 PM Revision 1162: Replace smart_run_around_fsm.c with the one that simulator has been using, which a...
Abraham Levkoy
04:21 PM Revision 1161: Some changes to match the updated library.
Justin Scheiner
02:01 PM Revision 1160: Do all tests if button 1 is pressed after startup.
Martin Herrmann
01:56 PM Revision 1159: Added robot code
Added robot/station communication Martin Herrmann
01:54 PM Revision 1158: More tests
Martin Herrmann
09:47 PM Revision 1157: Removed killing of the terminal process from the Makefile
It's a bad idea if you are using a terminal for a different port. Martin Herrmann
09:45 PM Revision 1156: Added wireless test behavior
Martin Herrmann
09:45 PM Revision 1155: Added missing inttypes header
Martin Herrmann


10:47 AM Enhancement #323: Wireless bootloading
The sparkfun method uses a custommized windows program to do it. They could not get it to work with avrdude. Also, th... Kevin Woo
08:16 PM Revision 1154
Martin Herrmann


06:58 PM Revision 1153
Martin Herrmann
06:51 PM Revision 1152: Added self test and communications test
Martin Herrmann


02:14 PM Revision 1151
Martin Herrmann


05:50 PM Revision 1150: Added OS detection to Makefile
Added robot and station directories Martin Herrmann
05:26 PM Revision 1149: Added some papers guiding the current approach, and commented some.
Justin Scheiner
05:21 PM Revision 1148: Modified sensor_map to use 'model_sensor' to plug in a sensor model to map with. ...
distances from 10cm to 70cm. Justin Scheiner
05:20 PM Revision 1147
Martin Herrmann


06:42 PM Revision 1146: make dist
Martin Herrmann
06:35 PM Revision 1145: Generated documentation for new orbs code
Martin Herrmann
06:34 PM Revision 1144: Fixed Makefile docs
Fixed documentation Martin Herrmann
05:55 PM Revision 1143: Added usb_puth* to serial.c/serial.h
Martin Herrmann
05:54 PM Revision 1142: Merged new orbs code
Added atomic.h
Fixed whitespace in eeprom.h
Martin Herrmann
05:52 PM Revision 1141
Martin Herrmann


05:24 PM Revision 1140: it's slightly better
Bradley Yoo
09:47 PM Revision 1139: Measured timing
Fixed interrupt handler bug Martin Herrmann
09:45 PM Enhancement #195: improve lights.c
Martin Herrmann wrote:
* Maximum CPU usage: <0.8%
* Longest synchronized block: 30us
Work left to do:
* Merge t...
Martin Herrmann
09:44 PM Enhancement #195: improve lights.c
Maximum CPU usage: <0.8%
Longest synchronized block: 30us
Martin Herrmann
09:13 PM Revision 1138: Fixed synchronization
Tested robustness Martin Herrmann


05:36 PM Revision 1137: Added functions to allow for user-viewable data dump versus a computer-usable data...
to determine which ports are being used for the inverse BOM. John Sexton
12:53 PM Revision 1136: Includes code to sample all analog inputs. Used to determine which ports the inver...
John Sexton
12:46 AM Revision 1135: Committing some test files, as well as an updated version of the sensor mapping code.
Justin Scheiner
12:29 AM Revision 1134: Added a heavily modified version of map.m called sensor_map, which first construct...
NEEDS to be converted to log-odds to speed up computation. There is still a transformation that needs to take place ... Justin Scheiner
12:29 AM Enhancement #456: Investigate Encoder Code
I had problems last time I used the encoders library.
I tried running both motors at a fixed speed and varying tha...
Rich Hong
11:41 PM Enhancement #456 (Wontfix): Investigate Encoder Code
Look into fixing encoder code for the robots. Attempt to reduce from 50% CPU usage time. John Sexton
11:38 PM Revision 1133: Small update to code which reads analog ports.
John Sexton


09:21 PM Revision 1132: Cleanup/Documentation
Martin Herrmann


04:12 PM Task #449 (Fixed): buy electrical tape
Wrong project. Also already bought. James Kong
11:28 AM Task #449: buy electrical tape
we don't have any* Jimmy Bourne
11:28 AM Task #449 (Fixed): buy electrical tape
wont dont have any.
mcmaster pn# 7619A11
QTY: 20
Jimmy Bourne
04:12 PM Task #448 (Fixed): Buy cord reel
Wrong project. Also already bought. James Kong
10:50 AM Task #448 (Fixed): Buy cord reel
to replace the broken one in the shop
mcmaster pn# 7016K71
Jimmy Bourne
09:54 PM Revision 1131: Cleaned up lights.h
Implemented predefined color setting
Implemented binary/PWM mode switching
Martin Herrmann


06:39 PM Enhancement #447 (Wontfix): add debugging support in simulator
the robot shared state should contain a file pointer to write all usb_put* output to. Currently it all goes to stdio,... Brad Neuman
06:36 PM Revision 1130: moved the smart-runaround stuff from template to a new folder and restored the old...
implemented usb_put* which just outputs to stdio Brad Neuman
05:13 PM Enhancement #367 (Fixed): Prevent loading of non robot code into the simulator
Chris Mar
05:12 PM Task #446 (Wontfix): Implement the BOM in the Simulator
Kevin Woo
05:09 PM Task #348: Manage Robots through GUI
- Deleting robots
- Adding more robots w/o finding the executable
- Selecting multiple robots
- Save robo...
Chris Mar
05:05 PM Task #445 (Wontfix): Test Orb Driver Code
In library_refactor Kevin Woo
05:04 PM Task #242 (Fixed): LCD module
Chris Mar
04:03 PM Revision 1129: actually found a bug in smar run around using the simulator where the omega is > 2...
Also added a hack to make the robot start at a non-90 degree angle Brad Neuman
08:46 PM Revision 1128: Added library for wireless
Andrew Yeager


07:00 PM Revision 1127: Put smart run around FSM in autonomous mapping program
Robot goes into BACKWARDS mode a few seconds after starting up and apparently cannot be diverted Abraham Levkoy
06:52 PM Revision 1126: Saved 53%-62% processor time on orbs sorting
Martin Herrmann
06:20 PM Revision 1125: made packet group and packet type for odometry packets separate #defines
Abraham Levkoy
06:10 PM Revision 1124: got rid of old stuff for driving from the computer
Abraham Levkoy
11:41 PM Task #341 (Worksforme): Mimic BOM LED Circuit for Diagnostic Station
John Sexton
11:40 PM Task #344 (Worksforme): Construct New LED Circuit to Mimic IR LED Current on BOM Boards
John Sexton
11:27 PM Revision 1123: Updated README files to better reflect folder contents.
John Sexton
10:44 PM Revision 1122: Continued to reorganize file structure. Added README files to upper level file str...
John Sexton
10:11 PM Revision 1121: Reorganizing file structure.
John Sexton
10:01 PM Revision 1120: Server code.
Emily Hart
09:57 PM Revision 1119: The server code.
Emily Hart
09:56 PM Revision 1118: Evan's UI code.
Emily Hart
09:42 PM Revision 1117: Added code to station code version 1 to read from analog wheel port
John Sexton
09:39 PM Revision 1116: Added server code.
Emily Hart


05:42 PM Revision 1115: Smart run around mostly works!!!
Thanks to Brian for fixing a bug in motion code
divide by 0 zero error in motion.c
Makefile cleans .csim and copy it...
Rich Hong
05:13 PM Revision 1114: changed the sigchld handler to only wait on robot proc's so that it doesn't try to...
Brad Neuman
04:45 PM Revision 1113: Polished file. Added includes
Nico Paris
02:42 PM Revision 1112
Martin Herrmann
02:39 PM Revision 1111: Bugfix: Orbs not turned off at the beginning of the PWM cycle.
Martin Herrmann
10:43 PM Revision 1110: Changed template code which displays orbs.
John Sexton
10:35 PM Revision 1109: Test code
Martin Herrmann
09:53 PM Revision 1108: Added atomic.h from the avr_libc (according to the documentation, it should be in ...
Martin Herrmann
09:45 PM Revision 1107: Implemented triple buffering
Optimized sorting Martin Herrmann


06:51 PM Revision 1106
Martin Herrmann
02:46 PM Revision 1105: Fixed timing
Profiled sorting Martin Herrmann
08:59 PM Revision 1104: Implemented lights sorting, interrupt handlers
Martin Herrmann


06:59 PM Revision 1103: Reverted changes accidentally committed
Martin Herrmann
08:11 PM Revision 1102: Basic orb PWM functionality on Timer0
Martin Herrmann


07:39 PM Revision 1101: added some vague file type checking to prevent running simulator in simulator
updated the makefile to make simulator executable filenames end in .csim Brad Neuman


05:40 PM Revision 1100: Timer experiments
Martin Herrmann


07:23 PM Revision 1099
Martin Herrmann
07:22 PM Revision 1098: OS autodetection
Martin Herrmann
07:22 PM Revision 1097: Makefile OS autodetection
Martin Herrmann
05:10 PM Task #346 (Fixed): Collisions with Obstacles
Chris Mar
05:09 PM Task #339 (Fixed): Clean up memory for multiple robots in simulator
Chris Mar
04:26 PM Revision 1096: cleanup on robot exit
Brad Neuman
10:01 AM Task #387 (Fixed): Talk to Aaron about the JTAG ICE and how to use
Aaron referred to Cornell. Cornell said to use AVR Studio and it's easy from there... Kevin Woo


10:41 PM Revision 1095: Test code to clarify timer operation
Created data structures Martin Herrmann
10:28 PM Revision 1094: simulating rangefinder and smart run around
changed the position of IR sensors defined in libsim
libsim and libdragonfly use different numbering for IRs (#418, #...
Rich Hong
10:20 PM Bug #419 (Wontfix): Fix Rangefinder numbering in simulator
fix libsim/rangefinder.c after bug #418 is fixed Rich Hong
10:05 PM Bug #418 (Wontfix): Fix Rangefinder numbering
currently the #define are:
IR1 = ...
Rich Hong


07:10 PM Revision 1093: Cleaned up the code, someone help figure out the memory error!
Justin Scheiner
05:03 PM Revision 1092: slowed down motion and hacked more crap
Ben Poole
01:58 AM Revision 1091: allow rotation while stuck
Ben Poole
01:50 AM Revision 1090: awful hack for collisions that appears to work
Ben Poole
11:38 PM Revision 1089: Can now move robots with the GUI, deletion built into GUI but doesn't work in the ...
Brian Coltin
10:48 PM Revision 1088: Added code for circles in environment. Still needs to be tested
Nico Paris
10:48 PM Enhancement #195: improve lights.c
See [[Library work]] Martin Herrmann
10:45 PM Revision 1087: Fixed whitespace at the end of eeprom.h
Implemented binary orb settings Martin Herrmann
09:54 PM Revision 1086: Reorganized coordinate transforms in the GUI.
Brian Coltin


05:11 PM Enhancement #386: ticket reminder
reminders only get sent if the rake command is executed
need to add to daily corn job
Rich Hong
04:41 PM Enhancement #386 (Wontfix): ticket reminder
Rich Hong
05:03 PM Task #391 (Wontfix): Investigate and profile the avr-libc floating point emulation
How long does it actually take to these operations and does it handle things correctly Kevin Woo
05:02 PM Task #390 (Feedback): Investigate how to use the JTAG ICE
We want to do profiling of functions Kevin Woo
04:57 PM Enhancement #388 (Wontfix): Make RTC more granular and adjustable
Kevin Woo
04:55 PM Task #387 (Fixed): Talk to Aaron about the JTAG ICE and how to use
Kevin Woo
03:55 PM Revision 1085: Added code for communication between a computer and the USB hub.
Emily Hart


01:59 PM Task #332: Environments
Let me know what problems you're having with detecting the circles. It would be good if we could finish this by next ... Brian Coltin
01:57 PM Task #328: Simulate Motors
We need the motors to move the robot a reasonable amount. The units for everything is going to be centimeters. Try to... Brian Coltin
01:54 PM Bug #365 (Fixed): Fix race condition in simulator
Should be fixed... Let me know if this happens again. Brian Coltin

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