From 01/01/2009 to 01/30/2009


06:14 PM Task #330 (Invalid): Investigate the Use of TI Zigbee Chip for Next Revision
Cheaper and seems to have all the features of the XBee.
Kevin Woo
06:14 PM Enhancement #237 (Assigned): Design Dragonfly Replacement Board
Kevin Woo
06:13 PM Task #326: Display Robots in GUI
Brian Coltin wants them to be pretty! Kevin Woo
06:09 PM Task #172: Install encoders on robots
Kevin Woo
06:07 PM Bug #293 (Assigned): fix homing and station detecting on ARCHS
Kevin Woo
06:04 PM Task #329 (Assigned): Program all robot's EEPROMs
Store the robot ID and BOM type in the EEPROM Kevin Woo
05:56 PM Task #329 (Fixed): Program all robot's EEPROMs
program the robots with ID and BOM information Austin Buchan
06:03 PM Task #319 (Assigned): Talk to Priya About Xbee Dongles
Kevin Woo
05:35 PM Revision 987: Including common directory in commit
Andrew Yeager
05:15 PM Revision 986: moved stuff from robot_test into libsim.c
libsim now contains the timer (pause/resume) stuff
Also commented andrew's code because it broke the build
Brad Neuman
11:48 AM Revision 985: ticket #159:
main() is just for testing
no working code yet just comments, still need to figure out the math
Rich Hong
09:19 PM Revision 984: Function to free memory added, not sure how to test if its working.
Andrew Yeager
08:15 PM Revision 983: Fixed initialization of simulators struct
Andrew Yeager


06:44 PM Revision 982: Added shared memory setup code to the create_robot function. Need to
write the cleanup code still. Exec call is failing but wasn't
succeeding before code change either.
Andrew Yeager
01:29 AM Revision 981: Added signal handling code to core simulator
added a robot_test directory which contiains code to run the timer and deal with the robot side signaling. To compile... Brad Neuman
11:42 PM Revision 980: sorry...didn't mean to commit odometry.c
Chris Mar
11:41 PM Revision 979: minor changes to remote control / mapping code...wireless control works with libwir...
Chris Mar
07:57 PM Revision 978: added a draw_funcs.c/h, functions need to draw stuff should go there.
added a basic function used to draw robot with x, y, orientation. Siyuan Feng
07:39 PM Revision 977: added robot shared memory id to simulator structure
David Schultz
07:04 PM Task #328 (Wontfix): Simulate Motors
From the robot's current position and orientation, compute a new position and orientation based on the motor values. Brian Coltin
07:03 PM Task #327 (Fixed): Simulate Rangefinders
From the distance to the nearest obstacle, give an estimate of the rangefinder reading with added noise. Brian Coltin
07:00 PM Revision 976: test again. nothing is changed
Siyuan Feng


06:59 PM Task #326 (Wontfix): Display Robots in GUI
Display each robot's position and orientation in the simulator. Brian Coltin
06:59 PM Task #325 (Fixed): Control Robot Processes
Spawn a process for each robot, have each process run for a small amount of time, and then allow the simulator to upd... Brian Coltin
06:57 PM Revision 975: test commit
Siyuan Feng
06:56 PM Task #324 (Fixed): Share Motor Values with Simulator
Share the motor values with the simulator through shared memory. Brian Coltin
06:47 PM Revision 974: Draws circle and square.
Brian Coltin
06:33 PM Enhancement #323 (Fixed): Wireless bootloading
Reference design
Kevin Woo
06:24 PM Revision 973: Ooops, forgot to commit main method.
Brian Coltin
06:22 PM Revision 972: update to robot shared header
David Schultz
04:52 PM Revision 971: GUI now compiles.
Brian Coltin
08:27 PM Revision 970: Wrote some code to test wireless communication between the computer and
the robot. Right now, it doesn't work. Abraham Levkoy
07:45 PM Revision 969
07:27 PM Revision 968


06:08 PM Revision 967: now it will work
Abraham Levkoy
07:35 PM Revision 966: Small changes - new file just waits for packets to buffer
for matlab, so the robots will decide when to send their
data in this version.
Justin Scheiner
07:34 PM Revision 965: Cleaned up test.c and robot_main.c in mapping.
Abraham Levkoy


06:17 PM Task #322 (Fixed): Depsit SURG Checks
Make sure you don't lose them. Or get them stolen Kevin Woo
05:57 PM Task #321 (Fixed): Talk to Austria Micro about Encoder Magnet Misalignment Issues
Talk to Austria Micro about Encoder Magnet Misalignment Issues Kevin Woo
05:55 PM Enhancement #320 (New): Automatically update robot status page with testing station
Update all the status so we don't have to. The robot status on the Trac. Kevin Woo
05:52 PM Task #319 (Wontfix): Talk to Priya About Xbee Dongles
Ask if football group has them and if she wants more / can we have them back.
Talk to Mike Chuang
Kevin Woo
05:50 PM Revision 964: added some structs to the common header file
David Schultz
03:58 PM Revision 963: Minor modifications and fixes. Haven't gotten it to work yet.
Justin Scheiner
11:02 AM Revision 962: Added beginning GUI code, does not compile.
Brian Coltin
08:27 PM Revision 961: added tests of two possible ways to control proc's.
leaning heavily towards the itimer method Brad Neuman
07:34 PM Revision 960: Small changes and comments.
Justin Scheiner
07:25 PM Revision 959: Changed receive to work when there's no data,
haven't tested for when there is,
test.c works as expected,
Makefile modified to work on receive.c on a linux machine...
Justin Scheiner


07:32 PM Revision 958: added test for motors. it just runs the left and right. this can be improved.
Chris Mar


10:12 PM Revision 957: Slight corrections to this file. I have no way
of testing without a computer with matlab/linux.
If anyone knows windows threading I'd be much
obliged. Alternative...
Justin Scheiner
07:19 PM Revision 956: Made some modifications for testing in the main loop
Nolan Hergert
07:19 PM Revision 955: Some changes in I2C testing in the main loop
Nolan Hergert


11:23 PM Bug #261: XBee error while running colonet server
Brian Coltin
11:20 PM Bug #261 (Assigned): XBee error while running colonet server
Eugene Marinelli
11:22 PM Bug #234: xbee doesn't respond after killing colonet server
Eugene Marinelli
11:21 PM Bug #217: Robot reboots or enters programming mode when motor commands are sent
Eugene Marinelli
11:20 PM Enhancement #236: Grab images within server code instead of using coriander
Eugene Marinelli
11:19 PM Bug #250 (Assigned): Foreign objects in scene causes a lot of interference with vision and colonet
Eugene Marinelli
11:19 PM Bug #216: xbee read fails but colonet server does not die
Eugene Marinelli
11:19 PM Bug #284: robot point and click doesn't like straight backwards
Eugene Marinelli
11:18 PM Bug #277: "Premature end of jpeg file"
Eugene Marinelli
11:17 PM Enhancement #287 (Assigned): Notify client when robot has reached its destination
Eugene Marinelli
11:17 PM Enhancement #228 (Assigned): Control algorithm for robots to move to an absolute position
Eugene Marinelli


06:17 PM Task #274: Unit Test Architecture
Kevin Woo
06:16 PM Enhancement #304: Rangefinders code distance comments
Kevin Woo
06:14 PM Task #183: Write Encoder Library
Kevin Woo
06:14 PM Bug #300: SPI failure
Kevin Woo
06:12 PM Enhancement #315: Joystick control cleanup
Kevin Woo
06:11 PM Task #174: BOM 1.5 driver
Needs double checking. Kevin Woo
06:10 PM Task #242: LCD module
Now you need to order them. Kevin Woo
06:07 PM Task #310: Fix milestones and categories for trac
Done. Kevin Woo
05:48 PM Task #175: F08 SURG application
Milestone Money for F08 deleted Anonymous
05:45 PM Task #314: Send Charging Board Documents to Kevin
Kevin Woo
04:01 PM Revision 954: Just some test code to see how concurrency works in matlab functions.
Justin Scheiner
03:50 PM Revision 953: Added some test code for the receive function - does not work as
I can't get the token ring to start up. receive.c needs to be on
a matlab computer to be compiled and run correctly (...
Justin Scheiner
02:36 PM Revision 952: Wrote mex file code to interface between matlab and the wireless library.
Justin Scheiner


06:30 PM Revision 951: testing commit on new svn (just template directory)
Chris Mar
06:24 PM Task #318: Testing colony trac ticket emails
Kevin Woo
06:24 PM Task #318 (Fixed): Testing colony trac ticket emails
Testing colony trac ticket emails Kevin Woo

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