From 12/25/2008 to 01/23/2009


05:50 PM Revision 964: added some structs to the common header file
David Schultz
03:58 PM Revision 963: Minor modifications and fixes. Haven't gotten it to work yet.
Justin Scheiner
11:02 AM Revision 962: Added beginning GUI code, does not compile.
Brian Coltin
08:27 PM Revision 961: added tests of two possible ways to control proc's.
leaning heavily towards the itimer method Brad Neuman
07:34 PM Revision 960: Small changes and comments.
Justin Scheiner
07:25 PM Revision 959: Changed receive to work when there's no data,
haven't tested for when there is,
test.c works as expected,
Makefile modified to work on receive.c on a linux machine...
Justin Scheiner


07:32 PM Revision 958: added test for motors. it just runs the left and right. this can be improved.
Chris Mar


10:12 PM Revision 957: Slight corrections to this file. I have no way
of testing without a computer with matlab/linux.
If anyone knows windows threading I'd be much
obliged. Alternative...
Justin Scheiner
07:19 PM Revision 956: Made some modifications for testing in the main loop
Nolan Hergert
07:19 PM Revision 955: Some changes in I2C testing in the main loop
Nolan Hergert


04:01 PM Revision 954: Just some test code to see how concurrency works in matlab functions.
Justin Scheiner
03:50 PM Revision 953: Added some test code for the receive function - does not work as
I can't get the token ring to start up. receive.c needs to be on
a matlab computer to be compiled and run correctly (...
Justin Scheiner
02:36 PM Revision 952: Wrote mex file code to interface between matlab and the wireless library.
Justin Scheiner


06:30 PM Revision 951: testing commit on new svn (just template directory)
Chris Mar


12:23 AM Revision 950: Updated makefile to compile binaries for simulator.
Brian Coltin

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