From 11/25/2008 to 12/24/2008


07:36 PM Revision 949: Added a odometry_velocity function that gives approximate speed of the robot in mm/s.
Justin Scheiner


03:55 PM Revision 948: Added symbolic links to the odometry in mapping to the library, and provided docume...
Justin Scheiner
03:30 PM Revision 947: Odometry works!!
Justin Scheiner


12:01 AM Revision 946: extension of update to eeprom/bom/init. this is just the include files and the libr...
Austin Buchan
11:59 PM Revision 945: Integrated new BOM1.5 compatible code. Also put eeprom code for reading ID and BOM ...
Austin Buchan
07:32 PM Revision 944: added a test for lights/orbs.
Chris Mar


07:59 PM Revision 943: Simulator library compiles.
Brian Coltin
07:52 PM Revision 942: Simulator library compiles but doesn't do anything.
Brian Coltin
07:36 PM Revision 941: All library files added, unimplemented.
Brian Coltin


07:28 AM Revision 940: Prototype JNI (Java Native Interface) for libwireless. Compiles, and
java loads the library, but untested with a real scenario or hardware. Ryan Cahoon


08:11 AM Revision 939: added passing of overhead camera image to client through PHP
fixed unfreed memory in server/vision/savetonetwork.c Ryan Cahoon


06:52 AM Revision 938: OpenCV now works directly with firewire, coriander is not needed
New vision algorithm integrated, a few issues left with algorithm that
tracks the movement of a specific robot
Ryan Cahoon


09:57 AM Revision 937: New vision algorithm utilitizing Hough Transform and edge detection
instead of the older one using ellipse fitting and thresholding Ryan Cahoon


05:54 PM Revision 936: Incremental update; working on:
- new vision algorithm utilizing edge detection instead of thresholding
- sending camera images over sockets instead...
Ryan Cahoon

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