From 10/10/2008 to 11/08/2008


09:30 PM Revision 904: Compiles now. This code worked a while ago but I haven't touched it since early las...
The idea was to do exactly what Abe is doing now... so it might be useful. Justin Scheiner
07:20 PM Revision 903: added range_init() call to dragonfly_init(). you will no longer have to call range_...
Chris Mar


06:48 PM Revision 902: python thingy
Tudor Achim
06:47 PM Revision 901: added packet receive functionality to remote control server code
Chris Mar
06:11 PM Revision 900: added remote control to robot code that sends mapping data
Chris Mar
05:28 PM Revision 899: Wireless output works.
Abraham Levkoy
03:54 PM Revision 898: robot_main.c sends the raw sensor data for mapping points to USB. Commented out is ...
Abraham Levkoy
03:30 PM Revision 897: code for server with xbee dongle to control robot running slave code
Chris Mar
03:29 PM Revision 896: keyboard remote control code
Chris Mar


06:14 PM Revision 895: girl scouts!! yay!!!!
Brad Neuman
04:49 PM Revision 894: Some changes.
Justin Scheiner
04:37 PM Enhancement #195: improve lights.c
Bug with rtc and orbs blowing away settings.timer 3 is the problem. Kevin Woo


07:45 PM Revision 893: Updated simulator lib directory with new headers.
Brian Coltin
07:43 PM Revision 892: Fixed Makefile and Doxyfile.
Brian Coltin
07:39 PM Revision 891: Moved comments to headers. That was painful.
Brian Coltin
07:08 PM Revision 890: Changed some odometry stuff. Interrupt is called now.
Still some problem that is not updating x and y data. Justin Scheiner
04:55 PM Revision 889: Forgot to add these files to the repository.
Justin Scheiner
04:53 PM Revision 888: Added the header files for spi, encoders, and eeprom to the trunk library.
Recompiled library :P Justin Scheiner
09:19 PM Revision 887: Updated trunk branch of wireless... Still won't work though because of Makefile.
Brian Coltin
08:32 PM Revision 886: Synchronized trunk and bayboard versions.
Brian Coltin
08:13 PM Revision 885: Removed debugging messages from wireless for bayboard.
Brian Coltin


10:34 PM Enhancement #311: Homing beacon sensor mount
Jimmy Bourne


04:42 PM Revision 884: odometry compiles - timer issues, interrupt never called.
Justin Scheiner
04:31 PM Bug #285: robot point and click should have boundaries
Greg Tress
04:29 PM Task #282: Create XBee status chart
Greg Tress


09:46 PM Revision 883: Wireless for bayboard sort of works. I still left in all my debugging information t...
Brian Coltin
09:27 PM Revision 882: added comments explaining the columns
Brad Neuman


06:03 PM Revision 881: Moved headers to include directory.
Brian Coltin
05:55 PM Revision 880: Created simulator branch. Sorry for adding new branches, but I am planning on rearr...
Brian Coltin
09:34 AM Revision 879: add Fall 08 and Spring 09 SURG papers
Rich Hong


01:06 AM Task #313: Move wiki to trac
Finished moving everything over. Kevin Woo


07:11 PM Revision 878: added Colony_Wireless.ppt to /trunk/pub/presentations
Chris Mar


04:59 PM Task #317 (Fixed): Find AVR presentation
Kevin needs to find AVR presentation Kevin Woo

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