From 09/23/2008 to 10/22/2008


09:46 PM Revision 883: Wireless for bayboard sort of works. I still left in all my debugging information t...
Brian Coltin
09:27 PM Revision 882: added comments explaining the columns
Brad Neuman


06:03 PM Revision 881: Moved headers to include directory.
Brian Coltin
05:55 PM Revision 880: Created simulator branch. Sorry for adding new branches, but I am planning on rearr...
Brian Coltin
09:34 AM Revision 879: add Fall 08 and Spring 09 SURG papers
Rich Hong


01:06 AM Task #313: Move wiki to trac
Finished moving everything over. Kevin Woo


07:11 PM Revision 878: added Colony_Wireless.ppt to /trunk/pub/presentations
Chris Mar


04:59 PM Task #317 (Fixed): Find AVR presentation
Kevin needs to find AVR presentation Kevin Woo


08:41 PM Enhancement #302: Encoders documentation
Justin Scheiner
08:40 PM Task #307: Merge encoders into the trunk
Justin Scheiner


05:59 PM Enhancement #309: Make 1 source for library files
Brian Coltin
05:58 PM Revision 877: Delete src directory.
Brian Coltin
05:57 PM Revision 876: Updated libdragonfly makefile.
Brian Coltin
05:57 PM Revision 875: Updated wireless makefile.
Brian Coltin
04:29 PM Revision 874: Added comment in discrete controller
Greg Tress


07:52 PM Revision 873: commented!
Evan Mullinix


04:06 PM Revision 872: Small modifications to odometry. I'm all but committed to using floating point.
Justin Scheiner
03:52 PM Revision 871: Recommitting the library so encoders work for other people as well.
Justin Scheiner
03:49 PM Revision 870: Reversed the left wheel. Encoders increment when the robot is moved forward.
Justin Scheiner
03:41 PM Revision 869: Recompiled documentation with additional documentation for SPI and encoders.
Justin Scheiner
03:36 PM Revision 868: Added spi and encoders to the trunk. Tested and worked.
Encoders still read out directions backwards - i.e. there isn't a defined 'direction' for
the encoders to go with the...
Justin Scheiner
03:13 PM Revision 867: Added encoder test code to trunk. Addition of encoder code pending testing.
Justin Scheiner


03:41 PM Revision 866: Fixed file paths in last commit
Greg Tress
03:40 PM Revision 865: Moved files
Greg Tress
03:36 PM Revision 864: Updates to joystick control/slave - attempt 2
Greg Tress


05:11 PM Task #316 (Fixed): SURG S09 Application
Get it written, proof-read, and submitted. Don't forget to talk to George. Kevin Woo
05:09 PM Enhancement #315 (Wontfix): Joystick control cleanup
Make the joystick control to the robots cleaner. May need to use the packet structure. Talk to Greg (gtress@) for mor... Kevin Woo
05:06 PM Enhancement #309 (Assigned): Make 1 source for library files
Kevin Woo
05:05 PM Bug #247 (Assigned): Fix persistence of robot identifications for camera positions
Kevin Woo
05:04 PM Enhancement #241: Video From ColoNet GUI
Fixed. Kevin Woo
05:03 PM Enhancement #263 (Assigned): Fixed point library
Kevin Woo
05:01 PM Task #197: Test SPI driver
Tested, works. Kevin Woo
05:01 PM Task #312: Make the wireless presentation
Presented already. Kevin Woo
04:59 PM Bug #303: Bayboard orb and beacons can't be on at the same time
Fixed. Kevin Woo
04:59 PM Bug #276: Red and blue blinking when robot starts
Hasn't happened in a while. Kevin Woo
04:59 PM Bug #276: Red and blue blinking when robot starts
Kevin Woo
04:58 PM Task #238: Recharging Demo
We sort of did this. Kevin Woo


10:02 PM Revision 863: BOM1.5 Driver complete, test case is in template. Next step is to merge with trunk,...
Austin Buchan


05:10 PM Task #314 (Worksforme): Send Charging Board Documents to Kevin
Send them!!!!! Kevin Woo
02:07 PM Revision 862: Updated analog.c and analog.h documentation and regenerated the docs. No need to re...
Kevin Woo
01:56 PM Task #298: Copy old repository to roboclub8
Can't find it and no one said which one so not fixing. Kevin Woo
01:55 PM Task #301: Fix analog8.c doxygen comments
Kevin Woo
12:47 PM Task #297: Rewire encoders
Jimmy Bourne
08:19 PM Revision 861: homing works and is added to library
Evan Mullinix


01:15 AM Bug #305: Wireless - number of robots in token ring doesn't report right number
The occasional 15 is odd - I will try to look into it.
I will make it "fail gracefully" - a.k.a. print out and fre...
Brian Coltin
01:04 AM Bug #305: Wireless - number of robots in token ring doesn't report right number
It returns 0 (usually) or 15 (occasionally) during the many seconds of waiting when it is not in the token ring and I... David Schultz
12:15 AM Bug #305: Wireless - number of robots in token ring doesn't report right number
So it returns the right number after many seconds of waiting, or does it only return only 0 or 15? What does it retur... Brian Coltin
08:27 PM Revision 860: fixed target in Makefile
Evan Mullinix
08:26 PM Revision 859: carrier frequency works but not high/low
Evan Mullinix


07:43 PM Bug #305: Wireless - number of robots in token ring doesn't report right number
Reports right number only after many seconds of waiting. Token ring join time is slow, especially when robot is firs... David Schultz
07:25 PM Revision 858: bom/token ring test complete
updated testeeprom #include to make it compile David Schultz
06:32 PM Revision 857: Removed KWoo's crap from template.
Brian Coltin

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