From 02/21/2008 to 03/21/2008


07:42 PM Revision 628: Testing out deleting branches. i2c works and this branch is no longer
needs to be used. Kevin Woo
07:26 PM Revision 627: checking for error from vision function in server
Eugene Marinelli
07:25 PM Revision 626: Created the i2cplugnplay project and copied important files over. Will
flesh out the API and figure out everything later. Kevin Woo
07:24 PM Bug #278 (Fixed): Vision algorithm not detecting robots
With the new camera position, robots aren't detected at all. Eugene Marinelli
07:23 PM Bug #277 (Wontfix): "Premature end of jpeg file"
Happens a lot when reading images from overhead camera. Eugene Marinelli
07:21 PM Revision 625: Fixed battery bars
Greg Tress
06:49 PM Bug #272: Rosie's clock is set to 2007
Eugene Marinelli
06:48 PM Bug #276 (Wontfix): Red and blue blinking when robot starts
For some reason the orb randomly blinks red and blue when the robot starts. Need to fix this. Eugene Marinelli
06:37 PM Bug #269 (Assigned): Queue packets on robot
If robot receives packets in rapid succession, code for handling the packets is interleaved. Need to fix this. Espe... Eugene Marinelli
06:30 PM Bug #275: robot stops obeying commands after right click
r624 Eugene Marinelli
03:34 PM Bug #275 (Fixed): robot stops obeying commands after right click
Need to fix point-click robot control algorithm. Handle case of new command. Eugene Marinelli
06:28 PM Revision 624: robot now abandons seeking if receives a new command
Eugene Marinelli
06:18 PM Bug #234: xbee doesn't respond after killing colonet server
doesn't seem to happen on optimus prime Eugene Marinelli
06:17 PM Bug #262: Server is not receiving packets from robot
Eugene Marinelli
02:51 PM Bug #262: Server is not receiving packets from robot
No it's still not working. Eugene Marinelli
04:26 PM Revision 623: cleanup and colonet debugging
Eugene Marinelli
04:07 PM Revision 622: Fixed small bug in Colonet Data Requester
Greg Tress
03:08 PM Revision 621: added a newline to a print
Eugene Marinelli
02:59 PM Revision 620: Trying to debug wireless problems
Greg Tress


06:52 PM Revision 619: encoders might work now
Ben Poole


07:42 PM Revision 618: added some comments
Jason knichel
07:02 PM Revision 617: changed orbs to use binary constants to see if its fixed
Evan Mullinix
09:49 PM Revision 616: Troubleshooting orb driver code on new charge stations. Currently unable to write t...
John Sexton
09:16 PM Revision 615: It worked in initial trials without the orbit code, and worked a couple of times af...
David Schultz
08:43 PM Revision 614: ran two tests with the same battery, same conditions, different inductor.
The numbers are looking somewhat iffy, but workable. Brad Neuman
08:13 PM Bug #262: Server is not receiving packets from robot
I think this is working but I'm not sure. Eugene Marinelli
08:10 PM Bug #259: Server generally doesn't join token ring on optimusprime
Eugene Marinelli


07:58 PM Revision 613: added some prints that are commented out with DEBUGGING PRINT above it that can be ...
did we do anything else? Jason knichel
07:35 PM Revision 612: added orb driver code for new charging station
Evan Mullinix
07:33 PM Revision 611: added folder for charging station drivers
Evan Mullinix


10:49 PM Revision 610: no explosions! removed hack from ConstantCharging.c and ran a test w/ the medium in...
Brad Neuman


05:00 PM Task #274 (Fixed): Unit Test Architecture
Create a template and directory for unit tests. Kevin Woo


05:14 PM Task #273 (Fixed): Bay Board I2C
Implement I2C library and utility functions for bay boards. This includes node discovery and address arbitration. Austin Buchan


09:12 PM Revision 609: Updated Makefile for CGI access
Greg Tress


04:50 PM Revision 608: Fixed exception handling ambiguity in colonetcgi helper app
Greg Tress
04:48 PM Task #201: High Intensity Light Prototype
Scrapped in favor of color detection. Kevin Woo
04:47 PM Task #175 (Assigned): F08 SURG application
Kevin Woo
04:46 PM Task #199: Research RFID
Scrapped in favor of color detection. Kevin Woo
04:45 PM Task #264: Thought Paper
Submitted with slight format changes and citation to the original paper. A little bit of a hack but we'll deal with i... Kevin Woo
04:43 PM Task #240: delay_ms rewrite
Rewritten and commented. Tested with Chris. Committed to the trunk. Kevin Woo
11:30 AM Revision 607: updated aaai citation on Thought paper
James Kong
10:36 PM Revision 606: Added Makefile for HTTP access
Greg Tress
10:20 PM Revision 605: Added JavaScript file for HTTP access
Greg Tress
10:17 PM Revision 604: Added iPhone access page
Greg Tress
10:15 PM Revision 603: More HTTP access files
Greg Tress
09:50 PM Revision 602: Added preliminary files for HTTP colonet interface
Greg Tress
09:46 PM Revision 601: Apparently there were changes to bom.c and bom.h since the last time the
library was compiled.
delay_ms has been rewritten to use _delay_loop_2 which is a 4 cycle
implementation of a delay...
Kevin Woo
08:24 PM Revision 600: added all previous SURG papers (under trunk/pub/papers/SURG)
Chris Mar
07:49 PM Revision 599: General work on SLAM
Justin Scheiner
07:42 PM Revision 598: Modified version of the AAAI paper for Thought.
Kevin Woo
07:01 PM Revision 597: Added the magnetic encoder datasheet.
Kevin Woo


10:58 PM Bug #272: Rosie's clock is set to 2007
What does this have to do with Colony? Eugene Marinelli
10:36 PM Bug #272: Rosie's clock is set to 2007
Isn't this being done on purpose so that an old version of some software will work? Eugene Marinelli
10:19 PM Bug #272 (Invalid): Rosie's clock is set to 2007
Requires admin privileges to change Greg Tress


04:17 PM Revision 596: Updated iterator code to for-each loops
Greg Tress
01:57 PM Task #266: Remove old robot graph code
Greg Tress
12:19 AM Revision 595: Fixed some logical and typo errors in documentation
Austin Buchan
12:14 AM Revision 594: The changes in bom and dragonfly_lib are the result of me and James rehashing the b...
Austin Buchan

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