Task #1570

Implement Intersection Behavior

Added by Ben Wasserman over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

Traffic Navigation
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This ticket is to keep track of the entire Intersection Group. Post comments on progress as it happens.

Subtasks are:
Wireless reliability - Ben
Collision Avoidance - Willis, Alex Z
Line Following Implementation - Jeff, Dan J (honorary member of group)
Police Bot - Joseph
Determining turn directions - ?

People to be assigned jobs: Priya, Jeff


#1 Updated by Ben Wasserman over 13 years ago

Reliability: Ben, Vinay
Collision avoidance: Alex L (not Alex Z)
Determining Turns: Priya

I also made a bit of progress starting to implement pings, but doesn't do anything to actually fix things if a robot disappears. Dan and I also tried integrating his code into the main function, but it failed. Not sure if it was his code, or my code, or both.

#2 Updated by Alexander Lam over 13 years ago

Collision Avoidance: We have a scheme & data structure for doing this, just need to have people check it for stupidity and code it.

#3 Updated by John Sexton over 13 years ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 30

Individual components are coming along nicely. Still need to integrate and test.

#4 Updated by Jeff Cooper over 13 years ago

Jeff switched away from line following (that's Dan's thing) and into intersection databasing with Priya. Made good progress, see SVN log. To create an intersection information block currently, just add (or bitwise OR) one of the INTERSECTION_<types> with an entry point, defined in validTurns.h

Separated the turning #define's from the intersection-classifying #define's.

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