Motor Building

Added by Sam Dyment almost 11 years ago

I know we are waiting on some motors to come in, how are we planning on waterproofing them?

If you have it, feel free to post information about them. (because I have no idea what we ordered)

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RE: Motor Building - Added by Nat Jeffries almost 11 years ago

As far as I know, we ordered underwater motors, which I assume are either waterproofed or equipped with watertight bearings. I'm not 100% sure about this though, so ask Preston since he's the one who would know.

RE: Motor Building - Added by Sam Dyment almost 11 years ago

They arrived, apparently Andrew tested them (in air), he said:

"They've got some kick. But the seal is bad. Try coating with appoxy before putting underwater"

Also watch the video:

2011-10-12_16-27-37_311.3gp - Motor Video (17 MB)

RE: Motor Building - Added by Preston Ohta almost 11 years ago

Here's a link I found about waterproofing RC vehicles. At about the middle of the page, they describe two things you can do to lubricate servos.

They recommend dielectric grease, which we were discussing at the last meeting, and say you could also use Plasti-Dip.