Goal for the project

Added by Sam Dyment over 7 years ago

The project goal is rather daunting.

Underwater swarm is a project under the CMU Robotics club. The goal of this project is to create small (from 3" to 9"), relatively cheap, underwater robots that allow underwater tasks without the use of large, expensive, existing underwater robots. Each robot may have a swappable bay for custom sensors such as camera, temperature, etc., along with fixed onboard sensors. Each robot will be autonomously controlled and will use Swarm Intelligence to share tasks and information among other robots and a home base. The applications of this project can include mapping, imaging, environmental monitoring, surveillance, and exploration.

So in order to best break it down, we have divided the group into three teams: electrical, Mechanical, and programming. Each team is to focus on their own tasks. These will be outlined within their own discussions. Some of the initial tasks are data communication, rangefinding, motor testing, and processor selection.

The first generation of Underwater Swarm Bot will be given a simple task. This task is to follow another swarm robot. In essence, we want to have our swarm play follow the leader. This goal probably will not be accomplished until months from now. But by systematically developing the technologies needed to do this, we can make this happen.

What do you think?