Kevin Woo's activity

From 09/03/2010 to 10/02/2010


08:50 PM Colony Scout EE Revision 852fef4c: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Kevin Woo
08:50 PM Colony Scout EE Revision 6a759754: Roboclub logo library
Kevin Woo


09:05 PM Colony Task #445: Test Orb Driver Code
Testing code is not important? Kevin Woo
08:12 PM Colony Bug #491: ADC ref voltage issue with range finders
No idea. I would look up the sensors datasheet and see what they take and
then measure what they're actually getting.
Kevin Woo
08:10 PM Colony Bug #693: Better sanity check for invalid BOM type
When initializing the BOM, either as an 1.0 or 1.5 there isn't a good check.
Ie: I could put like 4 or something like...
Kevin Woo


05:51 PM Colony Scout EE Revision 63a38060: 4 Layer, 6mil trace/width, 15mil drill minimum drc file
Kevin Woo


09:40 PM Colony Scout Bug #1435 (Fixed): update scouthw git repo with your library <EOM>
Why do you need <EOM> on a ticket name....unnecessary...
Latest pushed.
Kevin Woo
09:39 PM Colony Scout EE Revision 4ce7e37d: Latest version of the library containing most of the scout parts
Kevin Woo

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