Rich Hong's activity

From 01/12/2010 to 02/10/2010


09:16 PM Colony Scout Bug #1095: ColonyScout Mail Server
Using Google Apps, much easier to setup / administrator. Dan Shope will set it up and hand out email addresses. Rich Hong
08:19 PM Colony Scout Task #1097 (Fixed): Email Steve about bootstrapping ARM
Rich Hong


09:51 PM Colony Scout Task #997 (Wontfix): Spec out microphone
Rich Hong
09:45 PM Colony Scout Bug #995 (Fixed): Put wireless amp enable lines on ARM
PAEN to EN and send it to the ARM Rich Hong
09:41 PM Colony Scout Bug #994 (Fixed): Hook up Gyro PD and ST through level shifter to AVR
Rich Hong
09:40 PM Colony Scout Task #993 (Assigned): Look into accelerometer speed Rich Hong
09:37 PM Colony Scout Bug #992 (Fixed): Pin out rest of AVR ADC
Rich Hong
09:36 PM Colony Scout Bug #991 (Fixed): Remove AVR reset and replace with IO from ARM
Rich Hong
09:32 PM Colony Scout Bug #990 (Invalid): TVS diode on motors
Rich Hong
09:24 PM Colony Scout Bug #989 (Fixed): Test point on 2 test clocks on ARM
Rich Hong
09:23 PM Colony Scout Bug #988 (Fixed): Jumper on USB data line to ARM
Rich Hong

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