Brian Coltin's activity

From 03/03/2009 to 04/01/2009


11:38 PM Colony Revision 1089: Can now move robots with the GUI, deletion built into GUI but doesn't work in the ...
Brian Coltin
09:54 PM Colony Revision 1086: Reorganized coordinate transforms in the GUI.
Brian Coltin


01:59 PM Colony Task #332: Environments
Let me know what problems you're having with detecting the circles. It would be good if we could finish this by next ... Brian Coltin
01:57 PM Colony Task #328: Simulate Motors
We need the motors to move the robot a reasonable amount. The units for everything is going to be centimeters. Try to... Brian Coltin
01:54 PM Colony Bug #365 (Fixed): Fix race condition in simulator
Should be fixed... Let me know if this happens again. Brian Coltin


09:01 PM Colony Revision 1082: Robots drawn to scale.
Brian Coltin


05:19 PM Colony Revision 1078: Pretty single check box added for paused robots.
Brian Coltin
05:03 PM Colony Revision 1077: Can run with no robots.
Brian Coltin
04:42 PM Colony Revision 1076: Fixed race condition for adding robots?
Brian Coltin


07:20 PM Colony Revision 1074: Can now add robots through the GUI.
Brian Coltin
04:45 PM Colony Revision 1071: Deleted random files in top level directory.
Brian Coltin

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