Brian Coltin's activity

From 02/01/2009 to 03/02/2009


02:46 PM Colony Revision 1065: Fixed race condition in GUI, hopefully.
Brian Coltin


06:32 PM Colony Revision 1064: Cleaned up code, removed all compiler warnings.
Brian Coltin


05:40 PM Colony Task #350 (Wontfix): Simulating Wireless
Simulate wireless packets on the simulator. Brian Coltin
05:40 PM Colony Task #349 (Wontfix): Simulator Logging
Create a log of the environment, and the robot's positions each timestep. Allow this to be replayed. This should be f... Brian Coltin
05:33 PM Colony Task #348 (Wontfix): Manage Robots through GUI
Add, move and delete robots through the simulator gui. Brian Coltin
05:33 PM Colony Enhancement #347 (Fixed): Deal with speed issues
Make everything run faster and not take up all the CPU. 100 robots at once without a slow down would be nice. Brian Coltin
05:31 PM Colony Task #346 (Fixed): Collisions with Obstacles
Stop the robots from going through obstacles. Brian Coltin
05:30 PM Colony Task #345 (Wontfix): Circles in Environment
Allow the use of circles in addition to polygons in the environment. Brian Coltin


12:13 AM Colony Revision 1049: Robots now draw in correct location.
Brian Coltin
10:45 PM Colony Revision 1047: Draws polygons in the environment.
Brian Coltin


06:21 PM Colony Revision 1020: Now runs at a reasonable speed.
Brian Coltin
05:52 PM Colony Revision 1019: Theta changes now.
Brian Coltin


04:54 PM Colony Task #324: Share Motor Values with Simulator
Brian Coltin
04:52 PM Colony Task #328: Simulate Motors
I never said that it works well. Each step moves the robot halfway across the screen. Also, the robot's orientation d... Brian Coltin
04:32 PM Colony Revision 1011: Forgot to commit header file.
Brian Coltin
03:18 PM Colony Task #333: Simulate Multiple Robots
I think I've already done most of the infrastructure for multiple robots, but it has only been tested with one. Also,... Brian Coltin
03:16 PM Colony Task #333 (Fixed): Simulate Multiple Robots
Allow the simulator to simulate multiple robots. Brian Coltin
03:15 PM Colony Task #332 (Wontfix): Environments
Allow files representing the obstacles in an environment to be read by the simulator. Make the rangefinders detect th... Brian Coltin
03:13 PM Colony Enhancement #331 (Fixed): Cleanup on Closure
When the simulator is closed, we need to clean up all our threads
and robot processes. Same with getting a SIGINT.
Brian Coltin
03:04 PM Colony Revision 1010: Motion works, but needs fine tuning.
Brian Coltin
02:50 PM Colony Revision 1009: Fixed bug in iterator.
Brian Coltin
11:41 AM Colony Revision 1006: Threading issues worked out better... Ready to add motion.
Brian Coltin


05:43 PM Colony Revision 997: Started on drawing robots in the right place.
Brian Coltin
05:05 PM Colony Revision 994: Fixed makefile includes.
Brian Coltin

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