The RobOrchestra Project seeks to create instruments that can not only play themselves, but also work together to create their own music. The ultimate goal is to create a full band, with at least one instrument to cover the roles of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, and Rhythm. Members of the RobOrchestra team come from Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Music Composition, Materials Science, and Electrical & Computer Engineering. This blend of knowledge affords the project a great resource in the undergraduate students involved. Many members of the team have played a musical instrument in excess of nine years. Several members are well-versed in music theory and lend their aid to the music generation algorithm. The team advisor, Roger Dannenberg, has years of experience in the field of computer music generation and musical theory. He also built McBlare, a popular robotic bagpipe. Professor Dannenberg is a valuable resource to the team and offers his knowledge to the team members unconditionally.