Ravi Dudhagra
Annie Chen

RoboBuggy is a relatively low cost Buggy research platform that will autonomously navigate the buggy course during the annual sweepstakes competition.

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Co-chairs: Casey Walker (, Joseph Li (
Electrical lead: Ravi Dudhagra (
Software lead: Christian Luu (
Firmware lead: Brandon Joel Gonzalez (
Mechanical lead: Casey Walker (


David Neiman

RobOrchestra aims to explore the creative possibilities for robotic instruments. We design, build and program robots that read music from MIDI data in order to put on musical performances. Our goal is to create a full robotic orchestra that is able to play from arrangements from standard MIDI files, and is also able to "improvise" unique polyphonic music in real time based off of music generation algorithms developed by our team.

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Julia Anitescu
Preethi Krishnamoorthy

This club project focuses on prosthetic hand research and development.

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Annie Chen

ReFilament recycles scraps and supports from previous 3D prints into usable PLA filament. The ReFilament is split into three different processes: shredding, melting, and extruding, which all seamlessly integrate into a single automated track.

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