Combat Robotics

Don Doerfler

Robots that destroy robots!


Danielle Quan

RoboBuggy is a relatively low cost Buggy research platform that will autonomously navigate the buggy course during the annual sweepstakes competition.


Sara Adkins

The RobOrchestra Project seeks to create instruments that can not only play themselves, but also work together to create their own music. The ultimate goal is to create a full band, with at least one instrument to cover the roles of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, and Rhythm.


Eric Fang
Kevin Apolo

This project has gone through many different iterations. We have covered experimenting with materials for quadcopter frames, different budget quadcopters, robotics education, PCB quadcopters and other experimentation with different styles of quadcopters.

Currently, we are working on autonomous movement and area interaction with a multitude of sensors on our new quadcopter. 


Julian Binder
Nishant Pol
Tom Mullins

Roboclub's shop safety system that only allows power to a power tool only if you have been trained to use that tool.


Eric Fang

Remote Controlled Hovercraft utilizing flexible skirt and centrifugal fans. Amazing Speed! Now onto Quadcopter hybridization

MP Mobile Manipulator MK2

John Choi

The biggest open-source humanoid robotics project at Carnegie Mellon University! Anyone can join, regardless of major or experience. The robot is designed to do everything, and it can water plants, play piano, deliver coffee, swordfight, and more.

Halloween Robots

Connor Willison

Dedicated to building creepy robotic nightmare fuel!

Past/Future Monstrosities:

  • Frightenator (Ceiling Zombie)
  • Hairy (Spider Bot)
  • Doom Lost Soul (Skull Quadrotor)




Sean Reidy

Developing advanced robotic couches to progress human laziness to the next level!