Dominick Johnston

RoboBuggy is a relatively low cost Buggy research platform that will autonomously navigate the buggy course during the annual sweepstakes competition.

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Samuel Rainey

RobOrchestra aims to explore the creative possibilities for robotic instruments. We design, build and program robots that read music from MIDI data in order to put on musical performances. Our goal is to create a full robotic orchestra that is able to play from arrangements from standard MIDI files, and is also able to "improvise" unique polyphonic music in real time based off of music generation algorithms developed by our team.

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Erick Ramirez
Gordon Robertson
William Lee-Moore

This project has gone through many different iterations. We have covered experimenting with materials for quadcopter frames, different budget quadcopters, robotics education, PCB quadcopters and other experimentation with different styles of quadcopters.

Currently, we are working on autonomous movement and area interaction with a multitude of sensors on our new quadcopter. 

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Thomas Scherlis

Tartan AUV is a fully autonomous underwater vehicle designed to compete in the annual RoboSub competition in San Diego.

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