Interested in getting involved?

We <3 our sponsors, but we are always looking for more. If you are interested in sponsoring a project, starting a new project, starting a joint project, touring the club, donating money (tax deductible), donating equipment (or a robot!), or sponsoring a Robotics Club event, please contact us.

  • Advanced Micro Devices
    AMD sponsors our Air Hockey robot project which started in 2005. AMD most recently supported the project by supplying a computer and air hockey table.
  • Botrics, LLC
    Botrics, LLC has donated equipment to our club since 2004. This company supplies discounted equipment for the StuCo class “Fun With Robots”. The entire robot used in this course was designed by Botrics, LLC and is continually upgraded to follow changing technology. They have also designed robots for projects like Colony.
  • Bren-Tronics, Inc.
    Bren-Tronics makes smart batteries (some of them are probably smarter than some of our robots). They were kind enough to send us quite a few batteries, and a really awesome charger. These batteries will be used on many robots over the next few years.
  • Carnegie Mellon Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
    The Carnegie Mellon ECE department partially funded the Robotics Club attendance at the 2006 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).
  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute
    The Robotics Institute has been one of the Robotics Club's strongest supporters. RI's contributions include:
    • Funding the StuCo class "Fun With Robots". The Robotics Club has been able to offer this class since 2002 with an affordable lab fee.
    • Partially funding the Robotics Club's attendence at the 2007 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence - Fall Symposium (AAAI).
    • Partially funding the Robotics Club's attendence at the 2006 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).
    • Donating a Pratt & Whitney lathe to the Robotics Club shop in 2005.
  • Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Research Office
    This office is responsible for partially sponsoring several Robotics Club conference attendees including:
    • 2005 National Conference of Undergraudate Research (NCUR)
    • 2006 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
    • 2007 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence - Fall Symposium (AAAI)
    Students who went to these conferences were able to present their work to the academic community. Additionally, this office processes all of the Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG), whose donors are thanked here.
  • Harris Corp.
    Harris Corporation has given monetary donations three years in a row. The first of these donations was put towards club maintenance and general club upkeep. The second went to buy equipment for the shop. The third was used to support various projects.
  • Intel
    Intel donated most of the computers and servers currently in use in the Robotics Club in 2005 and 2007. We currently use one machine to host our website and the Robotics Club Wiki. Additionally, 6 computers have the capability and software to be used as CAD workstations for our mechanical and electrical engineers.
  • iRobot
    In 2007, iRobot donated one of their Create robots and accessories for use with various projects in the club. In 2005, iRobot donated a Roomba to be raffled to raise money for the Robotics Club. Money from this raffle was put toward general club materials including electrical tools like soldering irons and wire.
  • Lockheed Martin
    In 2006, Lockheed Martin gave a generous monetary donation. This donation was put towards consumables (electrical supplies, tools, shop equipment) for the Robotics Club. These types of donations are very important to the Robotics Club because consumables are used by almost every project in the Robotics Club.
  • MAKE and Robot Magazines
    Since the Fall of 2006, these magazines agreed to donate a subscription to the club for our members to enjoy.
  • Matt Mason, Director of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute
    It’s true that Matt is not a company or organization, but he deserves special mention in this section. Matt Mason has been one of the Club’s strongest supporters over the years. He always takes time out of his busy schedule to advise us. He is responsible for donating almost half of the Robotics Club’s shop tools, including our drill press and mill. He also makes the decision to continually fund the StuCo “Fun With Robots” each year. So the Robotics Club would like to extend a sincere thank you to Matt Mason. (And also, to Jean Harpley – his wonderful secretary, who holds the real power). In September 2006 his Manipulation lab donated a very nice SCARA robot arm.
  • Maxtor
    In 2006, Maxtor donated over two terabytes in hard drives to the Robotics Club. These hard drives were used to back up our server data including our code, webpage and wiki. One hard drive was raffled off in the Fall of 2006 to raise funds for general club upkeep. Furthermore, several of the hard drives are external which will enable the Robotics Club to travel with data to conferences or other presentations.
  • Microsoft
    In 2005, Microsoft donated all the copies of Windows XP and Office currently in use at the club.
  • Red Zone Robotics
    In early 2008 Red Zone generously donated almost $1000 in tools and test equipment. They have also been a big recruiter and held an information session with the club.
  • Sanjiv Singh, Editor of the Journal of Field Robotics
    Since summer 2006, Sanjiv Singh donates several issues of each published Journal of Field Robotics to the Robotics Club.
  • Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG) donors
    Every year, the Robotics Club applies for and is granted funds from $500 to $1000 to pursue research. We would like to personally thank the donors that fund these grants, without which, many of our projects would not exist. The Robotics Club has also received a Ford Undergraduate Research Grant through this program.
  • Tektronix
    In 2006, Tektronix donated a brand new oscilloscope to the Robotics Club. This oscilloscope is one of the most important equipment donations to date. Our old oscilloscope was at least 20 years old – this new oscilloscope is a vast improvement! Our oscilloscope is used on a daily basis and as such, is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in our lab.