W Drive

The W drive is a shared drive for Roboclub Member's personal files. You can use this to share files with other members or other people on your project.

The drive is already linked on the club computers, both the Windows and Linux machines. If it asks you to login, here are the credentials:
roboclub / g..

If you don't know what g.. stands for, ask a senior member or officer.

windows Windows Instructions

To mount the drive while on campus:

My Computer -> Map Network Drive
Server: \\roboclub.org\w

Use "Sign in as different user"
username/password: roboclub / g..

If you cannot find the Roboclub machine (probably the case), try to use the IP address of roboclub.org. You can do this by pinging the server (ping roboclub.org) and using that in the server field (ie: \\\w)

To access the drive while off campus:

Use the ssh file transfer client from cmu (or putty or whatever you favorite ssh client is).

  • Server: roboclub.org
  • Username: roboclub
  • Password: g..

linux Linux Instructions

To mount the drive while on/off campus:

Mount a remote server. Here are the details:
  • Server: roboclub.org
  • Port: 22
  • Username: roboclub
  • Password: g..