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05:55 pm RobOrchestra Task #642 (Fixed): high hat proposal
05:54 pm RobOrchestra Task #670 (Fixed): New Communications Paradigm
05:54 pm RobOrchestra Task #1246 (Fixed): Solder Relays for Snarebot Solenoids


05:07 pm Tooltron Bug #1539 (Invalid): Broken
All tools give you a red light when button is pressed.


07:48 pm RobOrchestra Task #1339 (Invalid): Whamola Demo Program
We need a program for demoing the whamola at MOM. The features required are:
Buttons for each note the whamola pl...


02:09 pm RobOrchestra Task #1006 (Wontfix): Drum bot
Bot which can play the snare, toms, and optionally a crash symbol, cowbell, etc.
Due dates:
1/29: Model proof of ...


08:51 pm RobOrchestra Enhancement #643 (Fixed): xylo-mux
switch xylobot from arduino mega to an -arduino duelanova?- small arduino using a mux. And yes i did pull the number...
08:43 pm RobOrchestra Task #642 (Fixed): high hat proposal
timeline and budget
08:43 pm RobOrchestra Task #641 (Fixed): piano proposal
timeline and budget for general body meeting. also, prepare an update on what exactly needs to be done.
08:42 pm RobOrchestra Task #640 (Fixed): whamola proposal
timeline and budget for whamola project are due wed. 9/30/09. be sure to prepare for your first meeting. if you wan...

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