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04:48 pm Colony Scout Task #1907 (Assigned): Check speaker magnet interference with IMU/Compass
Will placing a small speaker near the compass (less than 1" away) cause interference due to the magnetic fields?


11:56 am Colony Scout Enhancement #1808: Video for Scout Intro
Another option (not the same thing, but also cool as a presentation) is to make a Prezi www.prezi.com.
11:54 am Colony Scout Bug #1533 (Assigned): Resize drill holes for USB Mini B
Yes, the part(s) that did not fit were the solder lugs intended for a physical only connection to the PCB. I had to u...
11:52 am Colony Scout Bug #1585: Fix DS2786 Footprint
Ok, we will have to examine the ScoutFly boards and compare against the physical part. I know that when I tried solde...


09:43 pm Colony Scout Task #1789 (Fixed): Test Cliff Sensors
Completed. (3) Cliff sensors will remain integrated into the mechanicals - sensor population is optional based on cos...


07:12 pm Colony Scout Bug #1807: Website Work Log
Add pricing page (placeholder)
12:40 pm Colony Scout Task #1789: Test Cliff Sensors
Cliff sensors have been mounted in new chassis, facing down vertically. We will need to test on this chassis to see h...
12:39 pm Colony Scout Task #1798: Mechanical Work Log
-* tighten geometry around pivot nut-
-* extend boss for IR emitters-
-* make all motor wiring holes match-
-* smalle...


10:16 am Colony Scout Enhancement #1808 (Assigned): Video for Scout Intro
ala Google's awesome sketchy intro videos
10:09 am Colony Scout Bug #1807 (Assigned): Website Work Log
-Add pictures to the sensors & comm page on www.colonyscout.com-
-Default mode for sensors should be expanded, not...

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