From 02/29/2012 to 03/29/2012


11:00 pm Requisition #2036 (Fixed): More PVC pipe
Finished. It's behind the boxes. Sam Dyment


03:33 pm Requisition #2037 (Assigned): FTDI cable
Hey Robbie,
We need something called an "FTDI" cable that will let us connect our Arduino Mini Pro to a computer. ...
Joshua Chen
03:31 pm Requisition #2036 (Fixed): More PVC pipe
Hey Sam,
The 2 inch pvc pipe we cut is too short and we dont have any more so could you go out some time this week...
Joshua Chen


05:20 pm Requisition #1952 (Fixed): Parts
I am closing this ticket, let me know if you need any other parts. Robbie Wedler


05:52 pm Requisition #2020 (Fixed): Motor orders
Robbie Wedler


12:31 am Requisition #2020 (Ordered): Motor orders
I have not heard anything about the motors in a long time...just ordered these Robbie Wedler


12:22 pm Requisition #2020 (Fixed): Motor orders
Hey Robbie we really need those motors. Could you please check up on the orders and if they aren't coming in within ... Joshua Chen

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