Major Changes

Connection to Cardbox via Ethernet Hardware (TIA-568B):
wire# color signal
1 orastp 5VDC for RFID
2 orange 5VDC NC-tape end
3 grnstp GND for LED cathode
4 blue RED led Anode
5 blustp Grn led Anode
6 green RFID Serial IN
7 brnstp GND for RFID
8 brown RFID Serial OUT

Indicator LED:
Small LED
- Off: no power, check ethernet cable to Cardbox
- Green: RFID reader in idle state, ToolBox may be frozen
- Red: RFID reader reading or writing to card
Large LED
- Off:
- Yellow:
- Red:
- Green:
- Ylw flash:
- Red flash:
- Grn flash: