From 02/07/2013 to 03/08/2013


06:45 pm Revision e680f143: Removed a bunch of .pyc files
Thomas Mullins
06:44 pm Revision 8c30fb1a: Added some scripts for working with virtualenv and running the server
Thomas Mullins
06:05 pm Revision c12b6be5: Removed virtualenv and added requirements.txt in its place
Now each developer can have their own virtual environment built from
requirements.txt, without the annoying path prob...
Thomas Mullins


09:32 pm Revision e8960789: Fixed another overflow bug and removed isqrt
Thomas Mullins


08:38 pm Revision db11713d: Fixed timing in current sensing
The ADC interrupt didn't clear the TIFR timer interrupt flag, which
means the ADC wasn't triggered again on the next ...
Thomas Mullins


12:05 am Revision 975af07c: Fixed overflow in current calculation
Thomas Mullins


03:20 pm Revision f4df665c: Switch ADC to timer 1 because timer 0 was taken. Oops.
Thomas Mullins
10:40 pm Revision cbda92cc: Untested current RMS calculation
It's not actually RMS, it's variance. Same general idea. Thomas Mullins

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